All Is Well In Manila

My new friends in Manila are taking great care of me. Manila has been spared. I'm afraid the islands to our south and east (or west? I'm confused) are taking a terrible blow at the moment. But the show will go on.

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i see at least 2 TT experts...

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hope you have a wonderful stay in Manila! Try to eat local food, like balut wink

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Hi Michael. Allow me to help you fill-in the names of the audiophiles in the photo above. Seated (L-R): Dr. Luigi Lira, Jerry Alzate. Standing (L-R): Albert Uy, Dr. Lito Gozum, Tonyboy De Leon, MF, Pio Tan (our host), Ayie Gumabao & Lito Gelano (Phil. distributor of Audio Research Corp.) Thank you very much for taking time to visit Pio & sharing your thoughts, insights and experiences regarding analog/vinyl audio. We all had so much fun!