Jim Hagerman "Kickstarts" A DIY Vacuum Tube MM Phono Preamplifier

Following up on his success with the Bugle2 solid state phono preamplifier, Hagerman Audio's Jim Hagerman recently commenced a Kickstarter campaign for the Cornet3 a new "third generation" vacuum tube based DIY phono preamp.

The kit version can be yours for a $300 or more pledge. Add $100 and you can get one built. In addition Hagerman is offering his PIccolo2 "head amp" for MC cartridges. A $200 pledge gets you the kit, or $250 assembled. Or get both kits for a pledge of $500 or more or $650 assembled.

You read read all of the details here.

I supported the Bugle2 campaign and got the kit but haven't yet had time to build it.

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Not crazy about using DC to DC converters in lieu of traditional transformers in tube equipment. Ironically it runs close to the redbook sample rate at 44khz.

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I wonder how this compares to my Bellari Rolls VP129? It may be time for an upgrade.

Superfuzz's picture

Looks like a great kit. I'm considering buying one, although I'm more than happy with the EAR 834P, which uses a similar tube configuration (3x 12AX7).

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I wonder how it would compare to the 834P, but then again the EAR has transformers for the MC section...

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One of the main differences is the EAR 834 P has a small toroidal transformer in the power supply. My model does also have internal transformers for a MC input although I've never used it. I ordered the Cornet3, without the optional Piccolo SUT, since I only use MM carts. I'll compare it with the Ear 834P using the exact same 3 tubes, for a good pound for pound comparison.

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Give us a pic of the kit parts. Would be fun to see and possibly push some of us to join in the Kickstarter effort.

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I have a Bellari vp129. It is a good phono amp but soft in the bottom end. I replaced it with a Vincent PHO 8, a great improvement. Tighter bass, great imaging, improved resolution of detail and at $400, a bargain. Accomodates mm and mc with a push of a button.

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I supported this one to get a fully built step up and preamp. Not thinking of it being my main preamp, still looking for a two input monster to cope with my two arms.

Something just jumped out and said "Why Not!?". Will play it in the main system for some fun then relegate it to the spare room to drive the old rega into my headphone amp for when I "am in trouble".