Mr. Leefe's Wave Radio Days Numbered!

The outpouring of offers to help Eric Leefe move beyond the "room filling" sound of the Wave radio has been overwhelming, both in the comments beneath the story and in emails.

Within hours, I'd heard from PBN's Peter Noerbaeck who generously donated a pair of $4500 Troels Gravesen Clone 2.5 speakers finished in Zebra wood. (Mr. Noerbaeck's Liberty Audio phono preamp was awarded a well-deserved "Gruvy" some time ago). The two-way floor standers are easy to drive.

I also contacted TAD and Pioneer's Andrew Jones who offered a pair of Pioneer floor standers, a 300 disc CD changer and a Pioneer A9 amplifier. I told Andrew we were set for speakers but the other stuff would be fantastic.

So soon, Eric Leefe's room will be filled with real music from a real "room filling" audio system. Thanks to all of the generous offers from readers who are the best!

When everything arrives and is set up in his room I'll report back. I'll let Eric review the system.

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And why are people filling up his room with good equipment?

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I see now

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Now that you see.
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Ok, I just read the entire story on Mr. Keefe and his visit to Mike's room. That was so wonderful of you to allow him to hear your system. My brother-in-law is also in a wheelchair with a somewhat similar disability. My hat is off to you, Mr. Fremer. And by the way, I have an original Tommy James lp with Crimson on it. Wow, it is a fantastic sounding recording.

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Great stuff you're doing for Eric, Mikey! Does he have a nice collection of CDs? I have lots of classical stuff I'd like to contribute if he's interested.

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I will check with him but from what I saw of his collection he's a rocker...but I'll ask...
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...of the press, albeit online. Good for you, Michael.

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Thanks for the great story Michael. I wish Eric all the best. Hopefully with this new system Elvis will be "in the room".

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When wanting a dose of good news look at Analog Planet. Who Knew? Truly a great story.
Now I'd like to wish Eric as many Happy & Wonderful Years that the big guy upstairs will allow.
Amen! אָמֵן

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You're a goodfella, Fremer.

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I am touched by all of the outpouring of love and support for Eric that has happened so quickly. From reading Eric's story, he would appreciate a system like that far more than most of us would as he's been deprived of one for so long. My grandmother cannot walk anymore at age 97 and her computer is a lifeline to the outside world.

Music is an important part of my life now and when I am down I turn to it for solace. If I had to go through the trials that Eric has I would depend on music all the more and being stripped of it in a high quality form would be very painful.

I tip my hat to you, sir, as well as the others who have kindly donated gear and music. Well done!

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Another great job, Michael.

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How's Eric doing for CDs?

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I'll know more when I get the changer and populate it with his discs...thanks for asking.
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A pleasure to read both pieces. Its nice when a community comes out to support its followers. Bravo!