Analog Planet Radio "Car Show" Now Available

Today's edition of Analog Planet Radio consists exclusively of songs about cars. It's not nearly as serious as my selfie shot but I didn't have time to take another. The show was seconds away from beginning.

The set list includes a few obvious choices but also some out of the way "left field" ones as well. If you do listen, either here or on the website (select HD2 and then Analog Planet Radio), you'll hear me say that next week the show is expanding to two hours but that's not so.

The station's over-the-air HD Radio channel was supposed to go "live" this coming weekend so I thought I'd start the two hour show next Monday October 5th, but after the show I was informed that the transmitter launch had been postponed for another week so the first two hour edition will be on Columbus Day. Hmmm.

You can listen to today's "car show" by clicking here

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"Car Show" with the Track-It Brothers - Snap, Crackle, and Pop. And even though vultures' eyes get big whenever we say it, this IS the VTA radio network.

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An exclusive analog planet radio only album review.

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weekly album review.

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An on-air spoken review with perhaps a track from the reviewed album?
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most totally prodigious!

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are you frowning because they delayed the 2-hour set until Columbus Day? LOL

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You have to be the only person on Earth playing him in the broadcast medium. This is not a complaint! You could do an all Bonzos show and I would be mightily pleased.

The Viv Stanshall version of "Suspicion" is brilliant and should be played on the air yesterday.

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I am lucky enough to manage a small jazz club in New Orleans. Johnny Adams was a regular performer with us during his years with Rounder Records. Not enough can be said about his talent; he could sing the phone book & make it sound wonderful. Thanks for including Body & Fender Man.

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It was my pleasure to play and recommend that record!
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but you ain't bad. I enjoy these programs very much. Reminds me of the olden days.

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Was he this good after 6 shows? I doubt it. Give me some time...