"Tour" The Record Parlour and Hear From the Founders How It Become L.A.'s "Best Record Store"

While at the WAX event in Los Angeles a few weeks ago I took a side trip to The Record Parlour, a short walk from both the Capitol Tower venue and Amoeba Records.

The L.A. Weekly voted The Record Parlour "L.A.'s Best Record Store 2015". So take the short "tour" of the store and enjoy the interview with The Record Parlour founders Mr. Chadwick B. Hemus and Chris Honetschlaeger. Presented in two parts because iMovie chose to only upload half.

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In my one and only visit, the store is uber-cool but every LP I inspected were awful quality-wise. (click-op central) I think of the 20 or so I checked out not one would even be put out in the bins @ Amoeba or Atomic Records in nearby Burbank.

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Almost as bad as my typing. Geez, where's my edit option?? :-)

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I agree about the quality and condition of records there. I visited twice and have not returned in 8 months. Cool jukeboxes, but mediocre records. Atomic Records in Burbank still one of the best in town.

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I didn't actually have time to peruse through the records and inspect close up....
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I once saw a dude in one of my favorite shops in Brooklyn cleaning records with Armor All for the love of god. Never went back after that.

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You know things are GREAT @ The Record Parlour when the trolls immediately go out of their way to foolishly bash us and recommend "other" stores. I'm glad they're HERE and not at The Record Parlour.

BTW, we're having a mega JAZZ Sale on Nov 27th. 1000s of Records coming our for the 1st time. It's a MEGA Collection we can't wait to show you all.

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I state exactly what my experience was and I'm a troll? I wish you the best, but again, just telling it like it was for me when I visited. I'll say AGAIN, it's a very cool store for atmosphere & browsing. The vinyl I took out of the jackets were all sub-par to my standards which is likely in-step with the majority of visitors to this fine site. Good DAY Sir. :-)

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OUR RECORDS are simply amazing. Who knows what records you were even looking at. I am 100% convinced you have no idea what we have in inventory. In fact, we have 10,000 records upstairs that start at $50 if you want to get serious and spend money. In the meantime, just shop somewhere else plsssss and don't assume others think the same. I'm sure they don't if they VOTED US #1... :)

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Top of my list of businesses I want to patronize are those run by people who berate their customers. Class act. Here, I'm voting you number one too. See my hand holding up the number one sign?

If I myself wasn't such a class act, I might respond with; "Yes as a matter of fact I AM still living with mom; Your mom. She says ''hi' and is wondering when you might be paying back the loan that she co-signed for that you're currently in default of?"

I'm out.

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Trolls are cowards and never grow up and so they resort to grammar school playground tactics of "your mama blah blah." A bunch of fantasy filled with stupid comments. A reflection of your boring life twisted up in a demented theory of how much you know about music. It's always the same predictable mess hiding behind a faceless profile of a website that makes you feel impt.

BTW, I think you like the berating because you keep coming back to the #1 Record Store in LA for more. :) Next time take your finger out of your ass so I can see it.

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Yes, I can really see the mgmt at Amoeba engaging in this 'battle'. Take a quick look and see who the first one to mention 'mom' was.

I'm the last guy to hide behind the internet as you say. I live close, perhaps we can meet for coffee? Either Starbucks or we can wait a week and visit the new coffee shop that will be located where The Record Parlour used to be.

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I was excited about the Record Parlour coming on the scene, it's proximity to Amoeba being an obvious plus. Vinyl-wise, Amoeba seems to be getting out of the used business to concentrate on their (overpriced) new vinyl. I wish I could be more excited about Record Parlour, but the condition/value/price ratios seem to be off. I've only been a handful of times, but far too many LPs on my visits were in only serviceable condition, while clean pressings were in the $19.99-29.99 range. Some things are worth that of course, but not Black & Blue by the Stones or a 1980s repress of Beatles '65 (and forgive me if my specific examples aren't right, but that's the impression the store has left with me). My favorite place in the US to shop for used vinyl is the Rasputin on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

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I'm thinking of just opening a Cool Store with lots of coin operated ultra Sonic cleaner and call it The Car Wash. Oh and I will have a room full of old Audiophile turntable.

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Those guys seemed less than enthusiastic about the interview.
I felt bad for you Michael. I hope they were more appreciative
off camera.

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Strange comment. We did enjoy his company :) We get interviewed all the time and love to be ourselves. The store was also full with customers

BTW, WE just aired on ABC Channel 7 for BEST IN LA - That certainly was a bit more exciting with 1 million views weekly. Check it out. EYE ON LA for NOV 8th

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From dictionary: To make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting **with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.**

By definition the original comment was not trolling. The ensuing replies by Record Parlour show a spectacular lack of maturity and poor professionalism. I haven't been upstairs but the records I checked out on the main space this weekend were overpriced relative to condition. I chalked it up to location, overhead, and general customers who aren't concerned that records should actually play quiet. This wouldn't keep me from checking out the store again but these replies sure will.

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I too am stunned by the responses from Record Parlor. I cannot believe that legitimate business owners would respond to customer feedback in this way. Someone must have created a dummy account in their name, that's all I can think. If this really is them responding, then I am shocked and would definitely never visit their store.

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I was curious about this shop but after seeing their response to a customer expressing an opinion I would never go there.

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I'm a little stunned by the record Parlor's response also. That's not the way to talk to customer's who have a legitimate concern and it's not the way to attract new customers.

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There's not too much legitimacy here except for the same OMG I'm stunned a company would reply in such a blunt way. Please spare us the boredom of the threat of not shopping at The Record Parlour - the #1 Vinyl Store in the U.S.

While it may sound counter intuitive to those that seem to be so quick to join the wagon of masses of self-proclaimed audiophiles, we hope that each of you finds happiness because music is more important than the click.

In the meantime, we recommend the trolls close their eyes and fill their ears with the "clicks." And for those with the courage to have the real experience, come in, introduce yourself and have a GREAT TIME!!!

Your music matters!