Set up Day Snooping at High End Munich 2016 Produced Some Scoops!

Being a glutton for punishment, instead of taking it easy after traveling all night to Munich, I headed directly to the MOC convention center to watch everyone set up for Thursday’s press day opening.

Among the new analog gear I found: a new KLAUDIO cavitation based cleaning machine. It’s smaller and includes new functionaiity including a fine water level adjustment and an outboard water tank that improves filtering and makes easier tank cleaning.

There’s a new Frank Schröder tone arm built in America by Soundsmith and a lot more you’ll see on the video. There will apparently be some “big news” about reel-to-reel tape recorders to be announced on Thursday! (Warning: the sound gets loud at around 13:25).

When you see the state of the convention floor the day before the show begins, you’ll find it difficult to believe everyone will be ready to go on Thursday.

mraudio's picture

...looks like something right out of the Jetsons. What a MASSIVE frickin' arm also. Was that Mr. Spacely you were talking to?

Jay's picture

Looks like a TechDas mated with a Transrotor... WOW!!!

volvic's picture

One of these days have to go to this great show. Keep on filming Mr. Fremer loving these posts.

Bob Levin's picture

Or king of jet lag.
I'd be laid-up with an I.V. sticking out of my arm on your schedule, Michael!

Chucky's picture

Thank god for Pro-ject. Most of this stuff is about as interesting as a Lamborghini.

Anton D's picture

They could sell a lot of those turntables in Portland if they'd put a bird on it.

Ortofan's picture

...if a fluid damper, such as the one available on SME tonearms, would mitigate the effects of bearing chatter?

On another subject, how many caught the long, long trailer (movie) reference?

The manufacturer of the S(h)procket turntable should hire Dieter (aka Mike Myers) as a s(h)pokesperson:

Michael Fremer's picture
I wondered about that myself!
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I am trying to find out more on this.

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Working there is the right thing to end High End Munich.