AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 "The Rolling Stones Mono Box Set Comparison" Show

Today’s show lets you hear and compare original British and American mono Rolling Stones records with the new The Rolling Stones in Mono box set.

You will hear multiple unidentified versions of the same song. Please take notes because later this week or early next we’ll reveal which were which.

1) Empty Heart #1
2) Empty Heart #2
3) Empty Heart #3
4) I’m a King Bee #1
5)I’m a King Bee #2
6) I’m a King Bee #3
7) Mercy, Mercy #1
8) Mercy, Mercy #2
9) Paint it Black #1
10) Paint it Black #2
11) 2000Man (original UK stereo)
12) 2000Man (mono Box)
13) Ruby Tuesday #1
14) Ruby Tuesday #2
15) Connection #1
16) Connection #2
17) Get Off My Cloud
18) Get Off My Cloud
19) Heart of Stone #1
20) Heart of Stone #2
21) Heart of Stone #3
22) Honky Tonk Women (stereo UK orig)
23) Honky Tonk Women (mono box)
24) It’s Not Easy #1
25) It’s Not Easy #2
26) Jigsaw Puzzle #1
27) Jigsaw Puzzle #2
28) Satisfaction #1
29) Satisfaction #2
30) Satisfaction #3

Moodeez1's picture interesting. My money's on the Decca/London originals. It shouldn't even be close. Any takers?

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From my iPhone via soundcloud out of panasonic earbuds I liked the following the best...

Empty Heart #2
I’m a King Bee #3
Mercy, Mercy #2 
Paint it Black #2 
2000Man (original UK stereo) 
Ruby Tuesday #2 
Connection #2
Get Off My Cloud #1
Heart of Stone #1 
Honky Tonk Women (mono box) 
It’s Not Easy #1 
Jigsaw Puzzle #1 
Satisfaction #3

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I'll reference your preferences!
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Hey Michael, I'm Mariano from Buenos Aires, Argentina, your review is really interesting I have the stones stereo decca box set, but being a huge fan I'll go for the mono box too. Thank you for the review I've been looking for this since the announcement! Im always watching your videos from here! keep doing what you do It's grate!

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all cut from the original pristine master tapes using all tube equipment on 45rpm 200g vinyl, pressed at qrp, and housed in a road case (not unlike the Zep Classic records reissue). What? I can dream, can't I?

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Only the UK records could be cut that way (if the reels still exist)..
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1st song best souning was 2
2nd song ( king Bee ) best sounding was 3

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New LP out soon seen on BBC website

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I, for one, am really looking forward to this release. It should be terrific!

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One thing I did notice is that the speed varies on all three examples of Heart of Stone and Satisfaction. I recorded these songs from Soundcloud in to Adobe Audition. When I split the tracks and put them in multi track view each version of the same song is off. The #2 version of Satisfaction plays faster than the others as does the #3 Heart of Stone.

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These are my choices after listening on some headphones while I worked.. Would probably produce different results if I were listening through my full-range stereo at home..

I have a strong feeling that I've preferred either the Decca FFRR or the new Monos here. Listening to vinyl through Headphones has always meant I prefer 'cleaner' vinyl with more bass....

1. 'Empty Heart' // 2 is far better than 1 and 3 - better bass, less distorted.
2. 'King Bee' // 1 is but a hair better than 3, didn’t care for 2.
3. 'Mercy Mercy' // 1 over 2 by a margin of about 30%.
4. 'Paint it Black' // 1 smashes 2 by significant margin.
5. '2000 Man' // 2 (Mono) is nicer than Stereo.
6. 'Ruby Tuesday // 2, slightly better separation and cleaner.
7. 'Connection' // Both are nice. 1 is a little more natural (less compressed), 2 has better bass.
8. 'Get off of my cloud' // 2 better than 1, both weren't great.
9. 'Heart of Stone' // 1 was easily the best.
10.'Honky Tonk Woman' // Stereo is more natural, vocals in mono are a little forced. Overall the mono is a little compressed.
11. 'It’s not Easy' // 1 better than 2.
12. 'Jigsaw Puzzle' // 2 is much, much better than 1.
13. 'Satisfaction' // 2, best bass.

Keen for the results!

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I'm only commenting on "Empty Heart". One listen to the 3.

1) is the US

2) is the box.

3) is the UK.

Why? The first one is really thin and harsh. The second has the most depth and presence, but it's lacking in life, something I find typical of digitally mastered albums. The surfaces are also absolutely quiet.

3) The third has a bit more depth than the first, but sounds alive.

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All tunes : track 2, except Get oof my cloud, heart of stone, it's not easy : track 1
but it will good to compare dsd stereo and dsd mono !!!???

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So this same set is available for about 1/2 the price on CD. From what I'm reading, the mastering is all the same, just the end platform is different. As these records were done from DSD masters, will the LPs be appreciably better than the CDs to make it worth $350 vs. about $160?

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wondering which went up in value more?

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Are the 7 inch singles available in all the boxed sets or do you have to special order the set with the singles?

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I'm looking for Michael's reviews of The Rolling Stones mono box set individual records. Are they out there somewhere? Thanks.

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I finally have time to listen to this stream. However, Soundcloud signal is distorted. Is there way to extract the stream code and play in another player for comparison ?