The Yorkshire Building Society Gets It!

What else needs to be said?

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Pleasant sign off too!

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.. in the UK it is legally necessary for advertisements selling financial products to include a warning of the risks involved.

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This says it all and to think it is a newspaper ad for a mortgage company! They summed up what vinyl is all about the best way I ever read or heard. Hell, when we want to talk about vinyl all we have to do is plaster this all over the place.
Nice find Mikey!

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Ken Kessler's find!
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Moreover, I tried a preeminent music streaming service once by taking control of a friend’s phone. I wanted to play a certain song but searches for the band name were fruitless showing only a handful of older tracks. After several minutes of fumbling in silence the actual track title came to me and I was able to find it with a specific search. This left me wondering if my initial search results were curated more towards maximizing profits for the streaming provider instead of showing honest results. It strikes me that streaming providers are in a great position of power to control what people hear. They may argue this is not unlike commercial radio stations, but radio never purported to be anything but DJ or playlist driven. Streaming services are supposed to be personal and listener driven and I doubt that the average listener would think to question the playlists they were being delivered unless they noticed an irregularity by contrasting another source. Let’s hope those other sources stick around to keep the newcomers honest.

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I only stream for research and sometimes background music. I have a Spotify subscription. What I have found to be the case is that many artists debut LPs are not available on any of the streaming services. And some artists who had a catalog of several albums you will only find perhaps two on any service. I'm talking about classic artists of any genre. Sometimes one has to put in an elaborate search to find one. For example, good luck finding Bread's first LP or first LPs from Lighthouse or Renaissance, etc.
I believe this is partly why vinyl exists and very glad it does.

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Have you tried ebay? I have had some good luck there. It might take a while before I find one in the condition I want, but I usually have success eventually.

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that is relatively easy even if you have to wait a bit to come across it (talking about "used" here, which is the only way to obtain many of the releases of yesteryear). We are talking about availability on streaming services.

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If he can't afford a proper record rack, then he certainly doesn't deserve a new home.


Besides, his one cubic foot record collection shouldn't exactly be crowding him out of his current flat.

Speaking of flats - he records probably aren't.