Meet Malachi Lui, A 12 Year Old Very Serious Record Collector

A friend of AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer texted a few weeks ago "There's a kid on radio station WFMU who sounds like you! He's talking about vinyl and different pressings and mastering engineers". Fremer responded "cool". Then came another text: "He just name checked you!"

So after ascertaining his name and finding his comments all over the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel the editor contacted his mother Wendi and today she brought him over for an afternoon of listening to records.

He requested A Love Supreme (and we talked about the original Van Gelder stereo and mono versus the double 45 from Analogue Productions that's OOP), Fresh Cream, Kind of Blue and many other classics (he likes Coltrane's soprano sax playing most) as well as new music.

How much fun did we have? I wish it could be bottled. You will love this kid!

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my god he knows so much at his young age. when i was 12 the year was 1967..i was busy smoking too much and sgt pepper just came out, the summer of love! i miss all those great groups. that was a buzz. cool, man. say hello to all the beautiful people, i hated that one. what year was it when you were 12?

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in 67. 26/04.

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he must of been taught about vinyl, HiFi etc. I've never heard any 12 year talk about recordings and vinyl so maturely and with knowledge before.

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He's all over this website and the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel!
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Michael I kept expecting you to don your Darth Vader costume and return to say "I am your father".

Enthusiasm is a great thing at any age.

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... played LPs for the class. What has kept his interest going since then? Do his parents (or grandparents) have a record collection? What does he presently have for an audio system?

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Mikey, I am the guy that allegedly "psychoanalyzed" you on the topic of 9 vs 12 inch arms. Despite raising your ire unintentionally, I only care about what you think because I respect you very much. This is fantastic stuff and like vinyl, it restores one's faith in the world and people. Let's hope Malachi leads his generation of potential audiophiles/vinyl-philes. Btw, I believe you and I have the exact same listening chair; it looks to be a 25 year old Ekornes.

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Is Ekornes...though about 15 years old...
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Love the excitement.

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when I was 12 and before but I was totally clueless about all the stuff this kid knows about. He's going places!

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Well, looks like we see who's going to eventually inherit all of your gear.. Or at least the records..

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Malachi is a discerning listener. Kudos to his teacher, and probably his parents, too!

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Very nice, very nice.
But I had to turn the treble down a bit.

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This interview of Malachi Lui was wonderful to watch. His enthusiasm for records seemed to encourage your own enjoyment of imparting information to a young person. It was only made even better by the two of you being dressed alike. Please put Malachi on the schedule to check back regularly on his journey.

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I shop at Scotti's Records in Summit, NJ - and this kid did a few Record Store Day videos for the store. I guess he must shop at Scotti's?

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So wonderful to see young people such Malachi so interested in Vinyl and music in general. Hope his interest continues and he can spread the word for the next generations just as Michael has done for us.

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thanks for posting this Mikey. It feels great to see this.

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You go Malachi!!! Get Mr Fremer to loop you in on reviews. I could see it now - a whole piece on 12" tonearms called "12 on 12".

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your enthusiasm and passion for music and audio is contagious! FMU is great too- except that they play Don Felder's "Heavy Metal" too often and the "DJs" feel the need to play stupid sound effects while talking :).
seems like you are focused on the music and just want to get the best out of it. nothing wrong with that!
I was kind of like you at 12- very much into audio equipment from reading "Stereo Review" magazine and tried to buy the best pressings / recordings but gave up because my system didn't reveal many differences.
Hooked on music and audio to this day and I bet you will be too. Peace and all the best!

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I love Felder’s Heavy Metal ;-).
Whole album is pretty darn good IMHO.

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Got a kick out of both videos Mike - I can tell you were having a blast as well. There is still hope!

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I wouldn't be surprised if Malachi became a regular contributor on Analog Planet and even Stereophile in the not to distant future! He's already got what it takes.

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Malachi has for a system?

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Absolutely priceless, you guys make a great team!
We need proteges like that so that all the valuable knowledge of the last 100 years of recorded music is retained (and young ears are easier to train).
BTW is your RL a new acquisition? (I seem to recall you didn't have one when the 2014 digital remasters came out).

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I won't claim to have known nearly what this kid does but I did love music very early on, and was always looking for the sound to be "better" for as long as I can remember. So great to see stuff like this- thanks!

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what a great kid! And how sweet of you to give him the space. I just thought how great it could be if you turned this into a series where more young people come and talk about records. Could be a great success. thanks for this great video anyways, it really touched me.

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Malachi is great! He reminds me a lot of myself at that age...I loved picking through thrift store records at a very young age and have slowly built up quite a collection over the years...14,000 LP's and counting so far, plus 8,000 45's...Not as much as some, but if he's anything like I was at his age, he will have a lot of fun and enjoyment to come in this hobby...Michael, you need to feature him more and more...I await more new videos, too, Malachi, so keep the content coming...Michael and Malachi...You guys have a lot of fun together, so I'd love to see more of your adventures together at some point!

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I've got another one for you...Check out young 11-year old Jack here...He has a YouTube channel called "Jack's Trax Records"...Turns out he's a fan of Rush and Cheap Trick and is very knowledgeable about the records he loves!