Ortofon Announces New "Flagship" MC Anna Diamond Cartridge

In advance of Munich High End 2019 Ortofon announced a new "flagship" moving coil cartridge the Anna Diamond that features a diamond cantilever and a Replicant100 stylus. Based on the specs, what's "under the hood" appears to be similar to that of the limited edition, now sold out MC Century.

More details to follow once the show opens this coming Thursday May 9th. Ortofon also announced a new MC A mono cartridge based upon the body of the A95. Again more details following opening day of Munich High End 2019

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To ask for the price!

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...around $9500.

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That is not so bad. But I realize the Anna always had a Replicant 100 stylus. The diamond cantilever is new...

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You live in another universe from me. Finally convinced my wife to have the $282 Blue.

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I was talking in the relative world of top-of-the-line cartridges. $9,500 makes Ortofon one of the least expensive of the top players. Their cart catalog starts at $99 and it is a damn good cartridge too, so there is something for everyone. That does not take away from the fact that levels of precision manufacturing and engineering can yield better results and that once you add R&D and factor in how many you will actually sell when your price is at X level and then factor in cost of materials bought in bulk at those numbers, $9,500 is not that bad for one of the very top performers--assuming, as MF is suggesting, it will be close to the Century MC in performance, which cost $12K. My original comment was in fear it would be MORE expensive than the Century MC. Therefore, I think it's not that bad, even though I will not be able to get one. There is a whole universe out there beyond my wallet and that is ok.

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... the Omega, which is generally available for $37.

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So inexpensive it is not even listed on their HiFi carts page! There are quality products for everyone and every budget. $10K carts add more choices at higher engineering standards and take nothing away for the rest of us.

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I found it for only $8900.

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That is the predecessor, the MC Anna, not the MC Anna Diamond.

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And who would want that old thing?

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If you are familiar with the reviews, you know the Anna is one of the more midrange-biased of the top carts. It makes sense, it was named after a soprano, so emphasizing human voice would be one of its virtues. But If you wanted the ultimate in extension and dynamics, the Anna would not be your top choice. Which is why the new model, described by MF as closer to the MC Century suggests that it is voiced more like that and less than its concurrent predecessor--which would explain why they coexist. So, if you wanted more of that sound you'd want the old thing, but if you wanted more like the Atlas SL for a few thousand less, then the MC Anna Diamond may just be the thing. We will see, or, hear.

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I was being facetious.

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"under the hood"

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has a diamond clitoris too... so there. lol.

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It will give you what say 2,000 - 2,500 hours of music pleasure before it finally gives out? Either way, amortize the cost over ten years because these stylii last for a long time and suddenly the cost isn't that high. For me it is out of my price range, had I stayed in law school perhaps, I might be pulling my credit card out. Still, despite some naysayers on these very pages I am glad vinyl is alive and well and companies like Ortofon continue to push the envelope, so to speak.