David Bowie VH1 Storytellers Limited Edition 2 LP Set Drops October 11th

David Bowie's 1999 VH1 Storytellers appearance before invited guests in an intimate setting and recorded August 23, 1999 at The Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom was first issued on CD/DVD and as a download 10 years later. Now, 20 years later Parlophone will release the most complete version will be released on a limited edition 2-LP set October 11th.

Bowie performs for the first time in 33 years "Can't Help Thinking About Me", "Drive-In Saturday" from Alladin Sane, which he'd not performed live since 1974 and from Station to Station "Word on the Wing", performed for the first time in 23 years.

The set includes 3 tracks not on the original CD: "I Can't Read", "Always Crashing in the Same Car", and "If I'm Dreaming My Life". The set includes 12 songs in total including "Life on Mars", "China Girl" and others. Source, mastering and pressing credits were not provided.

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I"m going to pile on. So, you visit a site called ANALOGPlanet to: a) complain about ANALOG; b) talk about things you don't understand; c) turn the 99% of us who love ANALOG onto, what exactly?

Just for that, I'm going to buy two copies.

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Well said.

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...if we didn't have stupid people?

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Put yourself in Jeff Henning's shoes.

He is so delicately constructed, so minutely tuned, so fragile, that a vinyl record can get him to become unhinged and makes him started wishing he lives long enough to see the death of a medium/hobby that others enjoy. (Do you yell at clouds?)

Imagine walking down the street with him and passing a record store! They might need restraining orders!

I picture him with Westboro baptist style digipghiles out in front of a record show with "God hates Vinyl!" signs.

Seriously, Jeffhenning, how does a hobby other people enjoy come to be such a trigger for you that you stalk a vinyl oriented website?

You crack me up, but I worry about your mental health. There are hobbies I don't participate in, but I don't exactly go to Taxidermy Planet and post about wanting to outlive all the bastards who are into taxidermy.

LOL, Jeff!

Send me your info and I'll be the first to Paypal you a dollar to get lost!

Do you allow Hi Rez digital, or is MP3 the end all of sonic quality?

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we get one of these guys every month or so. More often recently. Are they Russian bots, trying to seed discord by whipping up digital vs. analog hatred? Inquiring minds want to know!

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I try to imagine what other enthusiast sites whose bridges these guys live under and spring out to disparage.

"Hot Wheels!?!?! You guys are idiots, Matchbox is better!"

"No!!!! Wine is awful, you need to be drinking vodka, it measures more pure!"

"Cigar aficionados! I hope I live long enough to see all cigar smokers die."

"German cars! Never! Only Japanese cars!"

What wonderful Troll lives the vinyl trolls must enjoy off site.

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Why give it so much attention? Do we need so much negativity and hot temper?
Written opinions can sound so much harsher then spoken ones and are often not meant that way.

Come on friends, enjoy music and let’s not shout at each other!

The offer to learn and to dropbox was a cool thing though (and more in the Woodstock spirit, ha!).

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To Jeff the Troll,

The most massive distortion here is between your ears.....Have you measured your server lately to determine if your files suffer from excessive jitter?????

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And Jeff,

Dilettante is a big word for a Troll....

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"If you want to be luddites, it doesn't effect me. Enjoy your obsolete, wasteful technology."

Now that is the statement of someone with nothing better to do with himself.

Seriously, Jeff, honey, if you hate vinyl, don't hang out in vinyl forums.

Isn't there a 4Chan forum for people like you to 'swipe right' with each other?

You're a solid 'swipe left' here, take the hint!

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I'm an avid Bowie collector, have been since the 1980s. With so many new releases after his passing, it became difficult to select what is really worth my hard-earned $s. I indulged in the complete Beebe Collection and a few others and will definitely get this one. I often listen to my CD copy, now ripped to my iTunes, in the car. Bowie is charming and the selection is incredible. At home, I only listen to records, not just because I think they sound better (we have a decent enough system) but that's the way I relate to music. Digital, whatever form it takes, never worked for me. Looking forward to this one!

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I have 50 year old records that sound fantastic and will remain that way for another 50 years. Then I have CDs that are only 20 years old and are clouding over. That being said, I agree that I would like to see high res music become the norm since the technology is capable of exceeding analog but the players needed for that level of playback are outside the cost range of aveage consumers.

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You have never heard a real, high-performance turntable rig in your life.

You use theoretical arguments when the reality of a hi-rez digital mastering into an analog playback system is quite different than you posit.

The fact is you are ignorant and arrogant, and really have no basis to argue any point here. And you're butt-hurt, which causes you to unravel like this online, repeating the same faulty arguments.

By your comments, you reveal you have very little first-hand knowledge and experience. Theory is bullshit until proven.

Go to a dealer and compare the two high-end formats with 2 truly high performance demos. You'll find your theories hold no value in reality.

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"If you want to be luddites, it doesn't effect me."

That's "affect", Jeff. If you're going to be supercilious you might at least proofread.

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When you die, you don’t know that you’re dead and you don’t feel any pain. Yet all the people around you feel the pain.
The same happens when you’re stupid.

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Everyone will have a different opinion based analitical information and what they think or actually hear and support the format that appeals to their liking, to eaches own. But I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the reproduction of music through an analog system compared to a cd is substantially more involving due to it's complete range of information that a listener can absorb and hear. My son has Cerebral Palsy and has heard many years of music played thru a quality cd unit by me and a wonderful classroom Teacher that played live music to the kids regularly. About 4 years ago I happened to set up an old turntable as a friend had given me an AP 45 RPM Jazz title to check out, when I played it his reaction to the music was unlike anything I perviously observed from him, maybe it was the Jazz since we mostly listened to Rock. So I started to experiment with other titles and genres, A B-ing both formats and every time he reacted to the Analog music as if it reached into his body bringing tremendious joy to him. Over the past 4 years I have added many, many new Vinyl Music titles of all genres and just purchased a new TT so that I can bring him that joy to his daily life using the Analog Music platform. I usually would never discuss my personal family information, but I thought you may like to know how someone that cannot articulate with speech but by a joyous reaction give an unsolicited answer the difference!

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I also recall thinking, as I did with all episodes in this actually swell series, that I didn't understand the point of the artifice of the call in show ("could you maybe play 'Man Who Sold The World'--'I think we can try that'-as if they had all possible songs worked up just in case). I remember he was in good voice and of good cheer. Costello did an episode of this series as did Chicago. More maybe, those are the ones I recall. At any rate, I'll have to have this!

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That's the series my comment referred to. Oh well. I'll get this and if the A&E show is ever released, that too!