Tonight Only! Jazz Foundation of America Benefit Concert With People You Know and Love!

This just popped up in my inbox! Tonight 8PM East Coast and 11 PM West. Check out the names performing tonight not to mention the "Classic Moments". And it's a benefit concert. It should be on high definition TV with Dolby Digital sound and I don't know why it's not but it's not. Instead you can stream it on your computer, or smart TV on YouTube.

On SmartTV open YouTube, search "Jazz Foundation of America Live Relix". On computer open browser and go to, hit "play". (Same if you must watch on your phone).

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is because with youtube, you can click a few buttons right there to donate to the fundraiser (the entire purpose of this). with tv events, they have to bombard you with phone numbers on the screen to donate and it makes ppl less likely to donate.

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Unfortunately there's way too many worthy causes to support at the moment, but the Jazz Foundation has been out there helping musicians in need for over 30 years.

Probably many of you have at least one album (have Let it Bleed? or Masterpieces by Ellington?) which includes an artist this amazing organization has assisted over the years.