Tom Petty’s Wildflowers & All the Rest  Super Deluxe Box Set Opening—A World Premier!

The Super Deluxe Box Set version of Tom Petty's Wildflowers and all the Rest Just arrived! It's not due out until mid October but AnalogPlanet got a world exclusive on it so here's the unboxing!

I turned on the camera and let it rip! One take, no edits!

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I thought Beethoven had replaced you for a moment there!

Thanks for doing this video.
So excited for my copy to come in October!

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Dig the hair Mikey and i think you should seriously consider keeping it,, But back to the topic at hand, has it hit the turntable yet? and if so what did you think of it? is it worth getting the whole set or just the 3 record set?

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you said its worth it for the tom petty fan to get the whole thing,,, but my question was not about the test pressing you listened to with your stop watch,, my question was about the record you had in your hand,,, my worries were more centered towards pressing quality than thats why i asked if it had hit the table yet,,,,,,,. sorry i didnt mean to offend

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it depends how much you like this album. as a casual fan, i'll probably only go for the 3LP set, but those who are big fans of this album and/or tom petty in general should go for the bigger sets. and if you're getting the 7LP, you might as well just spend a little bit extra for the 9LP. my 2¢

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$100 for 2 more LP’s? That’s more than just a little bit extra.

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I bought the 9 LP!1

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I ordered the 7 LP set, and am already regretting not going for the super deluxe.

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Brilliant video on the Tom Petty boxset. Michael, I just couldn't resist...

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Great content as per usual. Love the hair btw.

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... the release of Traveling Wilburys Vol. 2.

Yes, we got the reference to Tweeter, Etc.

MF should visit Peter Madnick's hair stylist.

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I'm a huge fan and have the Super Deluxe Edition on order. Can't wait to hear it!

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"Almost cut my hair. Happened just the other day.
It's gettin' kind of long. I could've said it was in my way
But I didn't and I wonder why. I feel like letting my freak flag fly."

Maybe it's because you had the flu this Christmas, and you're not feeling up to par.

Is it increasing your paranoia, like looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a police car?


Looks like a great set!