CES 2023 News: Harman to Offer JBL TT350 Classic Turntable and Bluetooth-Enabled JBL Spinner BT Turntable in Q2 and Q3 2023, Respectively

If it’s January, it must be time for CES. This also means we’re still sifting through all the new gear announcements that have emerged from the big show in Las Vegas this past week to see what’s coming our way in 2023 that would be of the most interest to the AnalogPlanet faithful. First up, the Harman Luxury Audio Group has just announced two new turntables, the JBL TT350 Classic and the Bluetooth-enabled JBL Spinner BT, both of which are set for release in mid-to-late-2023.

JBL’s long-running Classic series — which also features a wide range of high-quality speakers, amplifiers, and integrated amplifiers — is now primed to offer the aforementioned TT350 Classic. The TT350 is said to put a “modern yet retro spin” on turntables, and it features a direct-drive motor for 33 1/3 and 45rpm playback, locked with a speed sensor. The turntable’s curved aluminum tonearm has a pre-installed moving magnet cartridge (MMC) on a removable headshell for easy replacement and/or potential upgrade. Damped and adjustable feet reduce vibration, and the tinted, hinged dust cover matches the TT350’s walnut wood chassis. The TT350 can be conjoined with the phono preamp input included with JBL SA550 and SA750 integrated amplifiers.

The TT350 Classic will be available in the second quarter of 2023, with an SRP of $1,000.


Meanwhile, the JBL Spinner BT is said to pair “easily” with portable speakers, soundbars, and headphones via Bluetooth for wireless vinyl playback, with aptX HD encoding. For a wired connection, the Spinner BT offers an analog output with switchable moving magnet phono stage for use with traditional component audio systems or active speaker systems. The Spinner BT also includes a belt-driven aluminum platter, tonearm, black MDF plinth with JBL orange accents, a contemporary front panel, damped feet, and a hinged dust cover.

The tonearm features a pre-installed Audio-Technica moving magnet cartridge (MMC) on a removeable headshell for easy replacement and/or upgrading. The Spinner BT’s 33 1/3 and 45rpm playback speeds are locked with a speed sensor.

“With Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the Spinner BT turntable provides listeners with an instant wireless connection to their record collections — allowing them to enjoy their albums in any way they wish without losing the signature sound of vinyl — while its sleek design makes a bold statement in any system,” Jim Garrett, Harman Luxury Audio’s senior director, product strategy and planning, opined in a press statement. “And with its analog output and integrated phono preamplifier, the Spinner BT is equally at home with purists who prefer a wired connection.”

The JBL Spinner BT will be available in the third quarter of 2023, with an SRP of $399.

For more about the Harman Luxury Audio Group, go here.
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Trevor_Bartram's picture

It's amazing to me that manufacturers are still jumping into the already crowded turntable marketplace. The price of new and used vinyl has gone up significantly during this 20+ year revival, that should dampen demand.
Is there any one website site (or group of reviewers) that are testing and listening to the turntables and offering advice as to best in class or price range?

JACK L's picture


Thanks goodness, I only go for pre-owned classical music LPs which are available in thrift stores damn cheap ! You may say I am a cheapskate again.

FYI, I built up my 1,000+ stereo LPs (95% classical music) mainly from my neightbourhood thrift stores, average 1 buck greenback each !! All of them are in good condition when picked up. No kidding!

Given proper treatment before use, they all play fine. I just can't complain. One of my best sounding reference LP features Mario Lanza, "the greatest tenor in the world (1959). He was my most favourite tenor over Luciano Pavarotti, my second most favourite tenor. It only cost me a buck from the thrift store.

Listening is believing

Jack L

Tom L's picture

reviews and recommends all sorts of components, although they can't test everything. Also, name something that hasn't "gone up significantly" in price during the last 20 years!

JACK L's picture


I stil recall Stereophile stated in its Recommended Components 2022 Fall, the list of such recommended components were made up of votes by ALL its reviewers who LIKED the components best in decending order.

I questioned the editors how could such recommended list be truful, impartial & unbiased unless ALL the components under consideration in the recommended lists were already auditioned by each & every reviewers before they cast their votes.

Obviously it is not the case, all published reviews are made by one & only one reviewer only like any other audio journals. Other reviewers only read that certain review without auditioning themselves as well. So how can the other reviewers who did not auditioned that particular component item gave a trueful & fair recommendation of the same component ??

Apparently I never received any response from the editors to address the issue so far.

Soo, I would not take such Recommend Components Lists as gospel when big bucks are involved. I would trust my own ears better !

Listening is believing

Jack L

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....during the last 20 years" qtd Tom L


Even assuming the cost of manufacture did not increased which is obviously not the case, inflation alone takes big toll !

Per statistics, USD1.00 in 2000 is now $1.72 in 2023.

This a real world.

Jack L

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Thank you for the detailed information about Harman's new backrooms game turntables, the JBL TT350 Classic and the Bluetooth-enabled JBL Spinner BT, both of which are set for release in mid-to-late 2023. The JBL TT350 Classic features a direct-drive motor for 33 1/3 and 45rpm playback, a curved aluminum tonearm with a pre-installed moving magnet cartridge, damped and adjustable feet, and a tinted, hinged dust cover that matches the TT350's walnut wood chassis. The turntable can be connected to the phono preamp input included with JBL SA550 and SA750 integrated amplifiers. The JBL TT350 Classic is expected to be available in backrooms the second quarter of 2023 with an SRP of $1,000.