Acoustic Signature Wow! Heats up Low/Mid-Price Turntable Segment

The addition of the WOW! turntable to the Acoustic Signature line adds yet another under $2000 turntable/arm combo to a growing list of 'tables at this attractive price point.

The now WOW! uses the same "Tidorfolon" bearing design used throughout the line and is guaranteed for ten years. It uses the same AC motor used throughout the line as well. The WOW! features a 9 pound CNC machined platter with leather mat and is finished in high gloss acrylic black or white.

Fitted with a Rega 202 arm, the WOW! retails for "less than $2000."

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Jim Tavegia's picture

THAT is a classy looking table.  Performace to be equal to its looks. 

AndrewWilliams's picture
That is so nice. I want to

That is so nice. I want to buy something like that as well. - Mallory Fleming

akovo's picture
That Rega arm is no slouch

But an aftermarket counterweight is a must!

mauidj's picture
Wow indeed

Nice looking bit of kit there. Priced to sell too. I'll bet it comes close to some of those mega buck tables.

tedonald's picture

Looks wonderful!

dolsey01's picture
Nice but

Nice table but I would want at least the RB303 arm for that kind of money.

GogoJohnnyQuack's picture
Turntable first, arm second,

Turntable first, arm second, cartridge third...

mojaro's picture
new improved WOW!

,, its a classic style..i could remember during the time of my mom, his father own an old version of nice to hear classic music played in that WOW model.

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SET Man's picture
Now that's pretty


   Look like sub $2K turntable is heating up. Good for consumers. 

l5chambre's picture
like VP

Looks like a better looking VPI. I won't change my MMF 5.1 decision over it; $875.

Teagan's picture
Tidorfolon nice amount $2000

Tidorfolon nice amount $2000 it is really great. if you ever had chance to improve you will make more then it.

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