All This Guy Has is Love: Beatles Box Set Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Nick Wright of Charlotte, North Carolina on winning his brand new Beatles LP box set from our friends at Music Direct. This box set includes all sixteen Beatles albums remastered to vinyl, many of which have already been picked apart by Mikey on this website.

Nick's reactions ranged from skeptical ("Is this a scam???") to ecstatic ( "WONDERFUL! Amazing!) to just down-right masochistic ("after banging me ‘ead ~50x against my office wall"), but looks to me like Nick is happy chap!

Wright teaches at a pharmacy school. He has listened to four of the albums in the box set so far, and he was particularly impressed with the Revolver pressing and side two of Magical Mystery Tour played through his Aries 1 turntable.

Congratulations dude!

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Congratulations, Nick and

Congratulations, Nick and happy listening.

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This will show a true love to

This will show a true love to Beatles, i wish i could be that much related to them, They are just outclass.

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Happy happy happy

Congrats !

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I am very happy to find this

I am very happy to find this post and delighted to hear them again. Much pleasing. Regards, Shipping Company In Miami

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Congrats, Nick!

Revolver is probably my fave.. Glad it is one of the better quality ones in the box.

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Always great to see the smiling face of a Beatles fan! Heres to Nick!!

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Truly amazed by the solo

Truly amazed by the solo voice and their music. Regards, North County San Diego Interior Designer

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I am also happy to Nick

I am also happy to Nick Wright congrats to you anyway. Honestly we are also Beatles lover, we play their song mostly before we start to work in mutuelle what the inspiration of their song we didn't feel any tired working with mutuelles.

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The person in the picture

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the photos are so cute!

the photos are so cute!  congratulations you deserve it!!

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Beatles Box

I purchased the beatles box long ago and it's still one of my most treasured posessions

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