Analogue Productions Readies Deluxe Box For Its Double 45rpm Doors Reissue Series

Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds chief Chad Kassem showed me an early edition of the deluxe Doors box he's readying for production. The box will hold the entire set of double 45rpm LPs mastered by Doug Sax from the original master tapes and pressed at Kassem's Quality Record Productions.

The box will be sold separately for those already owning the LPs and as a complete boxed set for those who do not. If you want to know what will be collectible in the future, look no further.

Kassem also told me he'd had installed a brand new second boiler costing tens of thousands of dollars that will allow him to significantly ramp up LP production. Currently six SMT presses are in operation along with two Fine-Built hand presses. Within weeks four Alpha Toolex presses will come on line for a total of ten automated and two manual presses.

Those who called the new pressing plant "Kassem's folly" will now join the Fulton and Seward gang in the folly hall of infamy!

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Paul Boudreau's picture

...good - I pre-ordered one the other day.

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aara's picture

A cool way down for my fave artist. I am doing online music essay of this artist and posted it online.

Madhog's picture

Analogue Productions Readies Deluxe Box is very amazing product i want to buy it. How can i buy this, can u please tell me.

Madhog's picture

Analogue Productions is related with the term of recording the albums.It is one of the best production company, who always produce best quality of music.

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sandyab08's picture

Awaiting the release of the product. I will definitely buy one and check whether it has met with the stipulated quality. Though they are yet to roll out its details, I hope it’s a good one.Thanks!!

white50's picture

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