Beatles Vinyl Remastered, Finally Coming, Shipping Mid-November

After a delay of a few years, due to the meticulousness of all involved, The Beatles catalog will finally be reissued in the format in which it's meant to be heard and has always sounded best: vinyl.

The first hold-ups were due to finding a pressing plant that could consistently produce the level of quiet demanded by the producers. Then came issues related to the full-sized book that will be included in the box.

While many of us had hoped for an AAA release, that was simply not possible. My contact at EMI in the UK told me how difficult it was getting the estates of John (Yoko) and George (Olivia) plus Paul and Ringo to sign off on the 192/24 bit masters produced for the CD reissues.

Issuing the vinyl from the original tapes would require them to audition test pressings and sign off again, which would have been even more difficult that okaying CDs. Besides, I was told, everyone felt important consistency within the catalog.

So the box was mastered to lacquers at Abbey Road using the original 192k/24 bit files. Clearly these will sound far superior to the CD versions, just as the 44.1K/24 bit Apple USB "dongle" version sounded better than the CD.

No doubt the set will eventually be issued on Blu-ray at 192/24 bit and perhaps it will also be available as a full rez Internet download but nothing can replace the vinyl experience, physically and sonically given that Abbey Road's D/A converters are probably far superior to what most of us have at home—if we even have D/A converters in our systems (some vinyl purists do not).

Will a mono box set follow? That is not certain yet, but it will probably depend upon the success of the stereo box and sales of individual titles that will be issued at the same time.

And a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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Beatles vinyl in mono

Would like to see the mono version. I thought the mono CD box was, for the most part, superior to the stereo.

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I won't bite

I won't bite into this, using the 16bit for a vinyl reissue of Help and Rubber Soul is unacceptable. 

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Hmm, I wonder if any of the

Hmm, I wonder if any of the 96/24 titles will be available as downloads, say from HDTracks?  That might be tempting.  The stereo LP box is sounding a bit iffy to me although I'd definitely be interested in the mono LP box.

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There seems to be a lot of

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the source used for these LPs. I've searched all over these world wide internets, but could not find a difinitve answer. So... unless otherwise stated by one of the Abbey Road engineers, we should probably assume these LPs were cut from the 24/44.1 digital files that were used for the 2009 CD releases (minues the digital limited added during the bouncedown to 16 bits).

Here's the workflow of the 2009 remasterings:

1. The original analog tapes were transfered, flat, to 24/192.

2. Some cleanup work and edits were done in Pro Tools.

3. Those 24/192 files were played through Abbey Road's TG mastering console for EQ, as well as any analog compression that was applied.

4. That analog signal was recorded back into Pro Tools at 24/44.1.

5. The 24/44.1 files were digitally routed through the a hardware digital limiter and sample rate converted to 16/44.1 for CD.


Seeing how much time and energy it took for these remasters to be approved by all the estates and surviving band members, it seems highly unlikely, but not *completely* implausible, that anything other than these approved 24/44.1 files were used for the vinyl issues.

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The only confusion is yours.

The press release, Beatles web site, this blog and more state they were cut from 24/96 files.

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