Canadian Company's New Turntable/Arm Combo Sports Wood

Canadian firm Tri-Art Audio introduced the Block TA-2 turntable and the Block TA-1 tonearm, to be distributed in America by Avatar Acoustics.

The Block combo features a belt driven bamboo platter, plinth, and unipivot tonearm as well as wood clad power supply. The 12V DC motor is driven by an outboard bamboo clad motor supply. The combo costs around $2500. Hmmm.....

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Hey!     Bamboo turntable,


    Bamboo turntable, eh? I like wood but even though bamboo is very dense wood. Since they are not very thick on this I would be worry that it will bent and wrap over time especially with the arm.

    But I have to say I do like the the way the combo look.

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Hmm, makes me think of Mapleshade's maple platforms for turntables and other components.

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