Here's Another Thing You Don't See Every Day

This is a photo of Touraj Moghaddam's $35,000 Vertere tonearm. You can see the built-in cueing light in the head shell but you can't see the details of the complex machining and unique bearing system that does not use gimbals or any sort of pivot point (s).

It's mounted on the circa $85,000 Air Force One turntable I spent a few months with recently. It was designed by former Micro-Seiki designer Hideaki Nishikawa. It's a very serious piece of turntable work!

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Shaffer's picture
How much just for the LED?

How much just for the LED?

Michael Fremer's picture
LED is "Priceless"

I hope everyone finds a way to add one don't you? As long as it doesn't somehow compromise sonics, which I can't imagine why it would.

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The cueing light in the tone

The cueing light in the tone arm is a good idea. And I really love the turntable even though it's costly.
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