Just Flu In, Sunken Condos Winner, Pt.2

Remember our bud Jeff L. from Daly City, California? The one who wasn't home to receive his LP of Donald Fagen's Sunken Condos?

Jeff got held up with the flu on his out-of-town excursion. Was it the same strand of virus that afflicted our first winner Ron Atherton? I heard there's a flu going around that only targets audiophiles. Maybe they shared some earbuds on an airplane.

Here Jeff gets artsy and shows off the sweet clear vinyl we sent him. Awesome pic Jeff! Thanks for participating!

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Paul Boudreau's picture
Love that...

...colored vinyl (or, in this case, uncolored).

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Clear Vinyl is very cool

Love to have this Lp join my other clear vinyl in my collection. My Alice in Chains "Black gives way to Blue" 2X LP and The Black Crowes 12"  "Words You Throw Away" "Hotel Illness" clear vinyl  would love the company. Congratulations to both winners of this fine Lp!

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