VPI Launches New Prime Scout Turntable

VPI recently launched a new Prime Scout turntable that refines the original Scout 'table, which has been in production for many years.

In addition to incorporating the Prime's curvaceousness, the new Prime Scout features an upgraded 300 RPM motor (500 RPM overseas), in a machined aluminum housing. The arm now incorporates an additional metal base and the feet have been upgraded to the rubber-isolated ones similar to those originally found on the VPI Classic turntable.

The new Prime Scout now ships with VPI's American-made cueing device. The platter remains the same machined aluminum one found on the original Scout. An upgrade is available to the more massive one with included Delrin clamp now used on the Prime that was originally found on the VPI Classic. VPI also announced for Prime Scout and original Scout owners, a new, optional JMW 3D-9 tonearm.

The new Prime Scout retails for $2200.

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now thats more like it. right in my price range! i would have to get used to that pivot arm, does everybody like that, moving and balancing in every direction?

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Unipivots in general suffer form minimal friction and VPI's unipivots are excellent. They have been making them for a couple of decades and have been able to polish the design. They are adjustable in all axes and, though not the easiest to setup, it's very doable with some patience--a compromise that allows you to own a class A tonearm at this price range. I have owned half a dozen of them in 10.5in and 12in, 3D versions and they sound amazing. If you plan on fine-tuning it or swapping carts, get a Soundsmith's Counter Intuitive, it will save you a ton of work.

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looking forward to this purchase! currently have two 70's tables, no their not one of the big boys but i do like the at95e sound, well balanced. if i up grade from my marantz 2230 it would be a mcintosh tube system. did i just date myself?

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" The platter remains the same machined aluminum one found on the original Scout."

Sorry if I am wandering into the realm of pedantry but wasn't the original Scout platter acrylic? I seem to recall VPI changing it to aluminium a few years into production. I regularly listen to the original Scout's sibling, the Scoutmaster, which had the same platter. It's acrylic.

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The previous production model that this new model replaces had an aluminum platter. VPI had moved away from Acrylic a few years ago in favor or aluminum and aluminum / SS sandwiches. Both production and sonics were better than acrylic in their testing.

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Thanks. Yes I appreciate that the previous Scout had an aluminium platter and I refered to the change of materials. However Michael refers to the "original" Scout's platter. It being acrylic was the point of my post.

I am sure that your comment referring to the audible superiority of the aluminium one is correct. Nevertheless the acrylic one also sounds pretty good in its own right IMO.

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I took that from VPI's press release, which of course was mistaken. I had for years advocated that VPI move away from acrylic platters!
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Glad to hear the positive response on this. We have been very excited about the Prime Scout. The original Scout was acrylic but as long as I've been on board it has been the aluminum (Scout 1.1) so I was mistaken and have identified that as the "original". Never was a fan of acrylic platters.

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I am amazed at how everything makes a difference, but especially acrylic vs. metal. I love my Scout 1.1! I'll be curious to see pricing and some pics of the new 9" 3D arm.