Your Turn to Remix Peter Gabriel's "So" Album to Suit Your Taste

Peter Gabriel has authorized and provided the tracks for a "Music Tiles" iPhone/iPad app that allows anyone to remix tunes from his "So" album. The app costs but a few dollars, but if you want to play with the entire "So" album it will cost you $11.99 or you can buy individual songs for $1.99 and 'play'.

The reviews on the iTunes store are not exactly enthusiastic but you know how that goes: the whiners usually take the time to post reviews.

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Not A First For Gabriel

Back close to his "Us" days, Peter Gabriel put out an interactive CD-ROM (the name escapes me) that included a section in his studio where you could remix a section of "Digging In The Dirt".

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The reviews on the iTunes

The reviews on the iTunes store are not exactly enthusiastic but you know how that goes: the whiners usually take the time to post reviews.

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remix vs original

personally I feel that this remix is a completely different from the original. There are so many out there that can not stay true to the original song. This one has peter gabriels written all over it. all the best.

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