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Michael Fremer Apr 21, 2014 25 comments
Stereophile's May issue includes my first of a two part review of VPI's Classic Direct Drive turntable. Does the new 3D printed tone arm sound different than the company’s standard metal one? Does it sound better, or not as good? I give my opinion in the review.

You make the call here. Here are two 96/24 files. Are they both the same file? Or, if you hear one sounding better, state your preference.

If the files are different, one file features the Lyra Atlas installed in the standard VPI JMW arm mounted on VPI's new Classic Direct Drive turntable.

The other file features the Lyra Atlas installed on the new 3D printed tone arm on the same turntable. All measured set-up parameters were identical.

The phono preamp is the Ypsilon VPS100. The preamp is the D'Agostino Momentum while the A/D converter is Ayre's QA-9. The interconnect between the phono pre and preamp is TARA Labs Evolution, which replaces the Zero.

Please vote and leave a comment explaining your vote.

File "A"

File "B"

VPI’s 3D "Printed" Tone Arm: Does it Sound Better, Worse, or the Same As the Standard Metal JMW Memorial Arm?
Michael Fremer Apr 20, 2014 12 comments
Last Thursday morning April 17th Joe Harley (Audioquest V.P. and record/reissue producer) and I visited Colorado Public Radio Studios where OpenAir host (and vinyl fanatic) Scott Carney interviewed us about vinyl for a show that would air on Record Store Day.
Michael Fremer Apr 20, 2014 47 comments
How was your RSD? Mine was ruined by a grumpy old man at my local record store, Music Merchants in Westwood, New Jersey.

Phono Preamp Reviews
Michael Fremer Apr 17, 2014 10 comments
Parasound's new $2995 JC3+ is a significantly upgraded version of the already high performance original JC3 phono preamplifier, though outwardly it looks identical to the handsome original.
Record Buying Tips
Michael Fremer Apr 14, 2014 21 comments
The Princeton Record Exchange isn't what it used to be but it's still better than it once was. Of course "back in the day" the store was records and nothing but records. Then came CDs and DVDs and the emphasis shifted. After all, it's in a college town.

Cartridge Reviews
Michael Fremer Apr 10, 2014 5 comments
The $2995 Lyra Kleos Cartridge was billed back in 2010 as a replacement for the Helikon. The Kleos is a much better sounding cartridge in every way. It maintains and actually ups the Helikon’s detail resolution, while adding the more expensive Skala’s smoothness and midband warmth.

Turntable Reviews
Michael Fremer Apr 10, 2014 14 comments
Rega Research sold more turntables last year than in any of its previous forty odd years and is on target to do so again this year.

Cartridge Reviews
Michael Fremer Apr 08, 2014 33 comments
What happens when you install in a $70 M97xE a $179 Jico V15xMR stylus replacement?
Michael Fremer Apr 07, 2014 5 comments
Aleph Records will release its first ever vinyl soundtrack on RSD 2014.
Michael Fremer Apr 06, 2014 4 comments
Okay, this is way out in left field…...