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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 20, 2015 Published: Apr 19, 2015 44 comments
I missed Record Store Day this year. As some of you know, I was banned last year from my local record store for good behavior. I did nothing wrong. The owner's brother started lecturing me rather angrily on how to remove a record from a jacket and it escalated out of control from there.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 16, 2015 Published: Apr 15, 2015 24 comments
Here are some RSD 2015 offerings from Sony/Legacy and Rhino. Other labels have plenty too, but only these two bothered to send their titles. Have fun!

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 15, 2015 11 comments
E.C.’s tenth studio record, released in 1986, is among his finest musically and sonically, which explains why it wasn’t well received on the pop charts. It only went to #39.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 12, 2015 24 comments
Analogue Productions has just released Tea For the Tillerman on a double 45rpm 200g, numbered, limited to 3500 copies edition, mastered by George Marino. What? Didn't he pass away a few years ago? Yes. The double 45s were cut when the tape was available "just in case". And it's "in case" time. Especially since AP's license on the title is about to expire, so it's also "get it while you can" time, "in case" you really like this record.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 11, 2015 Published: Apr 10, 2015 16 comments
Capitol/UMe kicks off the Frank Sinatra centennial with Ultimate Sinatra a multi-format April 21st release that will include a 24 track double 180g vinyl edition, a 25 track CD, a 26 track digital download and a deluxe 101 track 4 CD set.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 10, 2015 Published: Apr 09, 2015 10 comments
Souix-Falls, South Dakota based George-Warren Precision Sound manufactures and sells direct but one model turntable. After spending a few months with it, I’d say one is enough.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 07, 2015 21 comments
In case you missed this Billboard Magazine interview with Joni Mitchell, conducted upon the release of her 4 CD retrospective box set Love Has Many Faces, A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 07, 2015 4 comments
The M2tech Joplin, one of the A/D converters profiled in the recent A/D converter "shoot out" has had a "make over".

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 06, 2015 8 comments
On Storytone Neil Young wears his heart on his sleeve and splattered on his windshield, serving it up both straight and backed by orchestral and big band arrangements. All of the performances are recorded live, with no overdubs.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 03, 2015 Published: Apr 02, 2015 26 comments
It is with much sadness that I inform you that Doug Sax, the great mastering engineer, direct-to-disc pioneer, co-founder of Sheffield Labs, founder of The Mastering Lab and of course a truly wonderful and pleasingly cantankerous person, passed away the morning of April 2nd. He would have been 79 on April 26th.


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