Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 19, 2016 Published: Dec 18, 2016 17 comments
True that Bluetooth speakers are not AnalogPlanet's beat, but over the past few years I've found these devices super-useful for when I jog, or when traveling or just sitting outside during the summer. Longtime AnalogPlanet readers know that for large box Bluetooth speakers I like the ones from Riva Audio, but even the smaller of the two is too large for taking on a jog or a hike. For that I've used the Soundmatters FoxL , which is a flat-out amazing sounding tiny stereo speaker that uses as a "passive radiator" its flat battery encased in a rubber surround.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 18, 2016 Published: Dec 17, 2016 34 comments
AnalogPlanet Editor Michael Fremer addresses the L.A. and Orange County Audio Society Gala and gives them the facts and figures that prove that the "analog revival" is real.

Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 12, 2016 44 comments
ELAC's Debut speaker line designed by Andrew Jones includes the B5, a diminutive 2 way loudspeaker that sells for $229.99/pr. It is not good for the money.

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We started lobbying Allsop to bring back the Orbitrac almost as soon as its demise was announced. We got no response so started a campaign on to no avail.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 12, 2016 3 comments
Producer/annotator Jay Landers has pulled from Capitol's rich vaults some of the label's best Christmas music that the label has issued as a double LP set complete with excellent liner notes (they are back.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 12, 2016 2 comments
According to the liner notes for this record that's guaranteed to knock you out in a good way, both musically and sonically, the aggregate known as "The CO-OP" began as an "ad-hoc" backing band for the Swedish singer-songwriter Malin Johansson, A/KA Blue Utopia. The more you search online for information about Ms. Johansson or Blue Utopia, the less you'll find, not that it really matters.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 11, 2016 8 comments
Angel Olsen's third album reminds me of Elvis Costello's first even though she's mostly vulnerable whereas Costello was angry and snarly. The similarity is in how both make fresh older rock conventions like power cords and '50s era rhythms.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 07, 2016 Published: Dec 06, 2016 39 comments
What a day. It actually started yesterday when I exited an airplane and entered the Newark International Airport terminal and spotted a record store!

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 04, 2016 Published: Dec 03, 2016 10 comments
Stranger to Stranger Paul Simon's most recent record and his finest in years, both musically and sonically had him reuniting with his original producer Roy Halee. The two hadn't worked together for many years.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 01, 2016 Published: Nov 30, 2016 16 comments
The second David Bowie box set covers but two years—1974-1976—but for David Bowie that timespan leaped across a few musical universes.