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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 14, 2016 Published: Apr 13, 2016 19 comments
Record Store Day is this Saturday April 16th. It's also in the middle of AXPONA in Chicago, which is really annoying. Very bad timing.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 12, 2016 1 comments
Anthony Wilson, best known as a jazz guitarist, has released an organic, occasionally “noir-ish”, sounding album on which he sets up and sings within cinematic musical landscapes, proving himself to be an equally compelling story teller. "Frogtown" is an area of Los Angeles, whose official name is "Elysian Valley". People live there but other than a lush stretch of the L.A. riverbed, there's not much there, which is how the people like it. The same can't be said of this record, which will have you wondering from where came this Anthony Wilson?

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 12, 2016 Published: Apr 11, 2016 19 comments
The great Glyn Johns produced and engineered Eric Clapton’s upcoming album all-analog. It was recorded to 2 inch tape, mixed to ½ inch tape and Bernie Grundman cut lacquers from the tape—this according to my friend Tom Biery.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 08, 2016 6 comments
Petra Haden, the very talented daughter of the late bassist Charlie Haden, and former member of That Dog released in 2005 an a cappella version of The Who Sells Out that is charming, entertaining, ingenious and loads of fun. It was CD only until now.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 05, 2016 Published: Apr 04, 2016 10 comments
This week's Analogplanet radio show can be streamed here or on the website. The concept was to play a classical music excerpt followed by a rock, jazz or pop tune that was influenced (or in some cases lifted) by that track.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 02, 2016 16 comments
The Boulder, Colorado-based vinyl curating service Vinyl Me, Please aims its releases more at new vinyl collectors looking for some guidance and order than at established vinyl aficionados and audiophiles interest in provenance purity.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Apr 02, 2016 2 comments
On August 28,1962 Dave Brubeck's "classic" quartet and Tony Bennett backed by The Ralph Sharon Trio performed separately on the stage of the Sylvan Amphitheater at the base of the Washington Monument and then in an act of daring spontaneity, Brubeck and company backed Bennett on four unrehearsed tunes, all of which was captured to tape by. Columbia Records' remote recording team.

Michael Fremer Posted: Mar 30, 2016 Published: Mar 29, 2016 30 comments
News at this past year’s International Consumer Electronics Show that “novelty” turntable manufacturer Crosley was introducing a pair of quality turntables built for the company by Pro-Ject drew me to the “ZOO” to check them out.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Mar 29, 2016 Published: Mar 28, 2016 9 comments
This week’s Analogplanet radio show celebrates spring Perusing the spring related songs in the record collection demonstrated that many were tinged with melancholy and sadness, which was not at all what was expected.