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Michael Fremer Mar 19, 2014 11 comments
We like the idea of Pono and of course we love Neil. We like HDTracks too as well as Super HiRez.
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Michael Fremer Mar 18, 2014 7 comments
Recorded during a six show stint at tiny Cellar Door, a circa 100 seat Washington D.C. basement club November 30th through December 2nd, 1970, this 13 song collection recorded by the great Henry Lewy (thanked in the credits even though he passed away in 2006) presents Neil Young as intimately and as powerfully as you'll hear him on record.

Michael Fremer Mar 18, 2014 8 comments
Originally written for Stereophile and handed in September, 1999 I recently found this story in a "dusty file" on my computer and thought it worth sharing.—Ed

Michael Fremer Mar 18, 2014 14 comments
An analog planet reader emailed to say his Audio Deske ultrasonic cleaning machine has ruined some of his collectible records and not because of ultrasonics.

Michael Fremer Mar 16, 2014 27 comments
Permission granted to take a short walk through parts of Amoeba Music in Hollywood with the GoPro camera on my head.
Michael Fremer Mar 15, 2014 29 comments
Neil Young's previously announced 4 LP box set due to arrive on Record Store Day, April 19th will definitely be issued AAA from the original master tapes.
Michael Fremer Mar 12, 2014 15 comments
Upon landing at LAX I got in the rental car and drove directly to Capitol Records where I met up with the great Al Schmitt. Al took a short time away from a mixing session to give me a tour of famed Studios A and B where Frank, Nat, Judy, Dean and so many others recorded some of the greatest records ever.
Michael Fremer Mar 12, 2014 7 comments
Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity Records today inked the deal with The Walt Disney Corporation to release Wendy Carlos's groundbreaking original soundtrack to the 1982 Disney feature "TRON".

Michael Fremer Mar 10, 2014 89 comments
Here's Bob Ludwig's statement regarding the engineering and mastering of Beck's new album Morning Phase:

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Michael Fremer Mar 09, 2014 14 comments
The opening wash of gorgeously recorded massed strings might just paralyze you. "Who arranged those? " you might say to yourself but before you could scour the liner notes you hear familiar Sea Change-like guitar strums and you melt.