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The most deluxe record wall display units are probably those from Art Vinyl. The hinged plexiglass fronted frames hang on the wall and are easily opened so you can change the displayed album in a few seconds. Unfortunately they are expensive at around $50.00 each or 3 for $140 (on

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The annual Manila HiFi Show takes place at the Dusit Thani Hotel this November 8th and 9th. It's difficult to believe a full year has passed since analogplanet editor Michael Fremer attended the show but it has. Hopefully this year The Philippines will be spared a typhoon!

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Michael Fremer Posted: Oct 31, 2014 9 comments
Though the first studio effort by Miles Davis’ “second great quintet” may not be the group’s finest, it is nonetheless a groundbreaking and very satisfying record, especially considering the backdrop.

Around 1963 Miles’ rhythm section of Wynton Kelly on piano, Jimmy Cobb on drums and Paul Chambers on bass left Davis to form their own group.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Oct 30, 2014 Published: Oct 29, 2014 12 comments
Classic Album Sundays, the spectacularly popular and successful world-wide vinyl album playback event phenomenon conceived of and produced by Colleen Murphy presents Pink Floyd's The Wall in its entirety at events in London, Oslo, Portland, Maine and Brooklyn, NY.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Oct 27, 2014 Published: Oct 26, 2014 4 comments
Krix Loudspeakers set up shop two doors down from my hotel room. The name sounded interesting so I popped in. I met the company's National Consumer Products Manager Donald MacKenzie and decided to share with you the Krix Loudspeaker story.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Oct 26, 2014 Published: Oct 25, 2014 4 comments
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Rhino announced on October 24th an impressive lineup of RSD "Black Friday" 2014 vinyl releases including the MONO version of Iron Butterfly's classic Heavy album cut from analog tape on "heavy" 180g vinyl for $24.98.

Michael Fremer Posted: Oct 25, 2014 Published: Oct 24, 2014 8 comments
A recent comment posted under the story "Anonymous Mastering Engineer's Take on The Beatles MONO Box Set" prompted me to check out a recent post by AIX's Dr. Mark Waldrep on his site real HD Audio. I've appropriated the site's logo without permission but I can't imagine he'd object to the publicity and if he does I will take it down.


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