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Michael Fremer Apr 04, 2014 54 comments
Given a choice of great mastering and pressing or packaging true to the original, which would you choose? Yes, I know, why not produce a definitive reissue that offers great mastering and pressing and the original triple gatefold jacket and the original limited edition booklet? But clearly that wasn't in the cards for whoever was in charge in order to bring this project to market within budget so it could be sold at a particular price point, which in this case is $39.00 for the double LP set.

Michael Fremer Apr 01, 2014 25 comments
Worldwide distributors, key retailers, representatives of Fine Sounds Group-associated companies McIntosh and Audio Research as well members of the audio press gathered at Sonus Faber’s Vicenza Italy factory March 26th throu the 29th to celebrate in grand Italian style the speaker company’s 30th anniversary.

The celebration’s focal point was the all new X3ma loudspeaker, which was developed over the past year and a half by Sonus Faber’s design team using as its inspiration the original 1991 Extrema, a legendary stand mounted design that extracted maximum and at the time seemingly impossibly performance from a two-way loudspeaker.

Michael Fremer Apr 01, 2014 36 comments
The first four 75th anniversary Blue Note vinyl reissues arrived the other day. The fifth, Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch, has been delayed.

Michael Fremer Mar 31, 2014 91 comments
The press release says "remastered from the original analog tapes by Jimmy Page and pressed at Pallas" but of course we know that Page did not cut the lacquers. Not a problem. But when it says "remastered from the original analog tapes" does that mean "to digital" for CD and LP reissue? Or does that mean the lacquers were cut from the original analog tapes?

Michael Fremer Mar 25, 2014 46 comments
While in Los Angeles recently I had visited Chris Bellman and Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman mastering.
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Michael Fremer Mar 24, 2014 21 comments
Last Record Store Day Sony/Legacy reissued three Paul Simon albums: his eponymous solo debut (not counting 1965's U.K.-issued Paul Simon Songbook), There Goes Rhymin' Simon and this record. While all three are musically fine, if you're thinking of buying just one, my vote goes for this one.

Michael Fremer Mar 24, 2014 3 comments
VPI demoed its new Nomad headphone-based turntable last Saturday, March 22nd at the Doylestown, PA headquarters of online vendor On hand were the Soundstagedirect folks of course, including company numero uno Seth Franks as well as VPI president Matt Weisfeld and a crew too humorous to mention. Members of the press and public were also in attendance.

Michael Fremer Mar 22, 2014 13 comments
ECM recently announced the reissue on 180g vinyl of seven adventurous titles from the label's vast catalog.

Michael Fremer Mar 20, 2014 31 comments
On Wednesday March 12th Blue Note President Don Was sat down with me to talk about the Blue Note vinyl reissues he's producing for the label.
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Michael Fremer Mar 19, 2014 4 comments
True Coltrane wasn't yet producing "sheets of sound"—limiting himself maybe to just "pillowcases of sound", but he was still hot to Milt Jackson's cool so this was an interesting experiment—one that succeeded beautifully.