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This performance and recording with Eiji Oue conducting the Minnesota Orchestra emphasizes the "symphonic" while downplaying the "dance" aspects of Rachmaninoff's composition.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Mar 01, 2012 1 comments

First of all the back cover photo doesn't include Brian Wilson! What's that all about?

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Michael Fremer Posted: Mar 01, 2012 3 comments

Does it have to sound this bad fellas? We all love your brand of fist pumping, T-Rex boogie, rhythm guitar riffing rock.

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Andre Marc Posted: Mar 01, 2012 3 comments

Like Steve Earle, Ryan Adams and other distinctly American artists, Shelby Lynne finds it difficult to settle down musically in one place.

Since releasing I Am Shelby Lynne in 2000, she’s been a moving target for her fans and critics alike. Though she won a “Best New Artist” Grammy® Award for that album, in fact, it was her sixth record! Go figure.

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Andre Marc Posted: Feb 23, 2012 1 comments

The Los Angeles based band Dengue Fever played to a packed house near downtown San Diego, on a beautiful night in late January. For those not familiar with this unique outfit, they are comprised of a group of American musicians with xenophile and psychedelic tendencies fronted by Chhom Nimol, an exotic female vocalist from Cambodia. Michael Fremer reviewed their latest CD, Cannibal Courtship, here Sound funky? It is, in the most delicious way.

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Michael Fremer Posted: Feb 14, 2012 0 comments
The phono preamplifiers reviewed this month are both affordable ($400–$1960) and highly accomplished, and the most expensive of them offers versatility that's unprecedented in my experience. Three of them are designed to be used only with moving-magnet, moving-iron, and high-output moving-coil cartridges, so I installed Shure's V15VxMR cartridge in VPI's Classic 3 turntable and listened in MM mode to all of them, beginning with the least expensive.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Feb 01, 2012 1 comments

Johnny Cash's third album and his major label debut  recorded in 1958 and issued in early 1959 doesn't mess much with the Sun era shuffle-and-twang musical formula. Luther Perkins does the twanging as he did as a member of The Tennessee Three, Cash's backing group but the overall sound is somewhat watered down.


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