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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 20, 2012 5 comments
Recorded live at Abbey Road in fewer than ten hours in February of 1963 at a cost of around £400 and issued on March 22 (my Beatles birthday present), Please Please Me captured all of the raw energy of The Beatles playing live at The Cavern Club, though on stage they didn't put the vocals in one P.A. speaker and the instruments in the other!
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 20, 2012 33 comments
With all of the reissues coming from questionable sources or proudly proclaiming their "digital-ness" ala The Beatles Box, we're fortunate to have labels like Analogue Productions, Mobile Fidelity, ORG, IMPEX, Rhino and the others cutting lacquers from analog tapes.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 19, 2012 7 comments
With but four new tunes, this is arguably the least important Beatles album but it's part of the box so here we go.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 18, 2012 24 comments
Rhino recently reissued Love's essential Forever Changes album in conjunction with last November 23rd's "Record Store Day." The album was cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and pressed at RTI.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 12, 2012 40 comments
I just got off the phone with Record Technology Incorporated's owner Don MacInnis regarding the stamped lacquer used to press A Hard Day's Night and only that album.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 10, 2012 18 comments
I was invited to speak at last week's Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society Annual Awards Banquet. I spoke there two years ago and did some audio stand up comedy so this time i figured I'd do something else: sing.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 08, 2012 30 comments
It's June of 1964. Beatlemania is sweeping America. You've just graduated high school and are getting ready for college. You're trying to grow up, you're listening to jazz, but you've been pulled into this teen craze by the music. Not since Elvis, the Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison has your world been so rocked.
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Jon Iverson Posted: Dec 08, 2012 647 comments
Register to win a Marantz TT-15 Turntable with the amazing Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood moving magnet cartridge from Music Direct (MSRP $2020.00) we are giving away.

This turntable package will also come with a handful of new Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LPs, a Mobile Fidelity Record Brush and Mobile Fidelity Record Care Fluids. Music Direct will even throw in a custom made dustcover. This special package has an estimated value of over $2,000. Howís that for a holiday give-away?

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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 07, 2012 12 comments
Noted record and memorabilia collector Jeff Gold's sumptuously produced new coffee table book "101 Essential Rock Records: The Golden Age of Vinyl From The Beatles to The Sex Pistols" hits all of the genre's correct notes. It is impressively produced eye candy that first can be consumed visually and later enjoyed for it multi-layered content.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Dec 02, 2012 20 comments
Reader Tony Crocker emailed me with the URL for his YouTube record cleaning video. Crocker bases it in part on the one written for The Tracking Angle by Michael Wayne some years ago that you can access on this site.