Another Krauss LP Reissue: Another Winning Set

One might argue there have been enough Krauss vinyl reissues, what with two outstanding ones from Diverse Records, but give this two LP set a spin and end of argument-even if you have those two superb sounding sets.

AKUS's brand of modern bluegrass/pop falls easily on the ears, even on CD, but on this 2 LP set, pristinely mastered by Paul Stubblebine and generously spread across two 180g RTI pressings, the acoustic instruments take on a burnished luster and rich clarity CDs rarely, if ever, manage.

The mix of mandolin, banjo, guitar, fiddle and stand-up bass skillfully played and craftily blended with Krauss's forlorn sounding voice on this set of songs filled with regrets, creates atmospherics that will draw you in and keep you connected every play. Virtuosic instrumental interplay, and tightly drawn harmonies add to the many pleasures to be found.

The miking is relatively close and the sonic picture straight-up, leading to great immediacy and solid, impressively-sized images spread across a wide, somewhat flat soundstage. I've heard airier, more transparent pictures of acoustic instruments, but whatever is lost there is more than made up for by the solidity and drive produced by the no-nonsense, recording.

The credits, taken from the original release, mention “digital editing,” so I'm not sure of the source for the set, but I'd like to imagine it was an all analog recording and mix, and that the tracks were assembled for LP cutting from analog tape.

Whatever the source, it made for two fine sounding slabs of vinyl that are easy to listen to, easy to love, and easy to recommend. Now I wish Mo-Fo or someone would re-issue both Dillard and Clark albums.

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