CES 2018

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Michael Fremer  |  Jan 11, 2018  |  280 comments
"Walk" the Venetian Hotel hallway with AnalogPlanet.com editor Michael Fremer at Day two of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. On day two visit Musical Surroundings and see all of the new Clearaudio, AMG and DS Audio products plus a new Hana monophonic cartridge.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 10, 2018  |  15 comments
Peace and Love Dept.: Pro-Ject's new Yellow Submarine turntable launched at CES 2018. Embargo on this news just lifted. Price TBD.
 |  Jan 10, 2018  |  17 comments
Opening day was the one day needed to pretty much cover the entire High End segment at CES 2018 and I wasn't exactly rushing. What's happened? Most of the business these days is at Munich High End. It's more of an international event (for the High End) and Spring is a more opportune time for fall and holiday season buying. For a few years meeting with west coast dealers was sufficient reason for exhibiting at CES but the dealer network has shrunk. I was handed the vintage Stereophile issue in the Paradigm/Anthem room.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 08, 2018  |  45 comments
AnalogPlanet got invited to ta pre-CES Show opening launch of the new Technics SL-1000R and SP-10R Reference Class turntables and the sound was impressive! This was the first time these turntables were shown working and the sound based on about an hour of listening on the eve of the show's opening day was impressive!