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Way to go, Michael! Stick to your Guns! I can't beleave that Sundazed would take such a cry baby attitude towords one bad review. Dispite Randy's review (which wasn't all that daming) I bought the lp anyways + two other old Bluesbreaker Lps from them and enjoyed them all. After so many positive reviews you've done of their releases, for them to get their backs up like that is only shooting them selves in their own foot! I had never heard of Sundazed untill you wrote about them and now that you may not be mentioning them as often as you may have before I suspect that a lot of other vinyl heads may not learn of their existance. Which would be a shame, because as we both know they have a lot of good releases especially the mono Dylans and other things.               Dont change a thing, I like your site and your attitude just the way it is! Kirby

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I think its rather sad that bob would be so upset over this one review of an album when over the years you have given most of his reissues high scores and I myself have purchesed many sundazed titles over the years and like them and relly enjoy them for the most part, It reminds me of a phono preamp you reviewed in stereophile a while back for a company that most of your reviews of his products you give  top ratings and to see read his response to the review downplaying the cartridge you used ,some guys i guess can,t deal with one one negative review out of 10 possitive one,s so stick to your own honest views of what you hear in your reviews all to many reviewers don,t





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Sorry got of track on last comment, just wanted to say (ask) when was the last time you heard of a Cd or Mp3 fan get excited about a cd pressing plant or Mp3 ripping plant ( If thats what you call them). I really enjoy seeing these pics and reading that a new press is going on line at Quality and learning how lps are made and seeing the different plants around the world. Good stuff man, Thanks Kirby

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Dear Michael,

 As a New Yawker", I say, "Right On".  Nice knowing you Bob Irwin.Does he believe we just accept that all albums are original masters and are perfect?. Tommy's Masters weren't found (or used)  until ( Pete Townshend used them) recently and Ian Anderson had the Aqualung Original tapes. The Doors original tapes are still missing All those Mobile Fidelity & DCC, among others, (over the years) that we were led to think were original and aren't. Can we get our money back Bob Irwin, on all the so called  mastered from "Original Master tapes. I worked for a large Mom and pop who own a whole New York city block and purchased vinyl and new CDs, which were mostly inferior and not pressed from original master tapes. If the industry wanted CDs to survive, they wouldn't have had just 44.1. Even now 2012, we just get 24/96 on some releases. SACD has more resolution than that. We have to pay an arm & a leg to get full HD tracks. 

Classical fans, (who usually have larger incomes or  are in the 1%) have always had the best mastering and recordings. Why can't all good Rock/Pop get SACD/Dvd-Audio treatment. Yes, I know-some Rock/Pop are getting it from Mobile Fidelity. The Industry dropped the boat and wants to phase out hands on merchandise. Rush released 96/24 this past year. Why not full resolution? They want double-triple dipping or more. Why should we spend $30 for The Rolling Stones, HD catalog? No Cardboard/plastic/plastic sleeves and lyrics. Yes, we can keep it on a cloud or drive. It's not the same. This is why I buy vinyl. I still purchase SACD & Dvd-audio when it's warranted.  They (The Stones) have more money than they can ever realistically spend. Do they give us a price break? "No". Charge a dollar per song. Oh wait, Steve Jobs got all the ( use your own term here)  to buy inferior sound for .99 a pop. That's why we have to pay high prices for 192/24 and 96/24. The Industry should have stopped 44.1 years ago. I emailed Lindsay Planer over at a good music site(s): MusicTap and The Second Disc. He couldn't go into specifics as to why all companies didn't just press all CDS as SACD or Dvd-Audio. Maybe someone out there can fill me in. I know all music doesn't warrant it. We all know who sells and who doesn't.  

Pardon me from veering off course. I agree with Michael Fremer. Just tell us what resolution, what tapes and where they were pressed. I never purchased  any by Sundazed records,until they were pressed by QRP. Why did Bob Irwin use original masters to put on digital files? Why not straight from the masters to vinyl???. I will still purchase from Sundazed. I won't cut my nose, to spite my face.

Long live- Hit Parade, Doo-Wop, 1950's Rock. All 1960's music.The Seventies ( except Disco). The eighties and Grunge and U2 from the1990.s Shelby Lynne and some others from the past 12 years. Most new music is (blank). I purchase all music from 1920- today. Best sound quality. Period. Thanks to all writers & reviewers of Rock & Pop. And the people who contribute to music sites who know more about some artists and songs than I do. Please keep us informed. Live Long & Prosper and Eat a peach for Peace! 

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dont give in to the pressure.

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Honesty is the best policy.

The issue with labels is that the public is getting better educated about how things get pressed and from what source files. And now that LPs are not cheap anymore quality is an issue. Folks who buy vinyl and spends many thousands on playback gear deserve the truth and the best pressing possible. Vinyl at $15, I can give a little, but at $30 or more it needs to be near perfect. Test Pressings are made for a reason and should be agonized over.

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I realize I'm coming into this a few years late, but I feel compelled to compliment you on your reviewing integrity. So many publications I used to read have lost my respect by NEVER writing a bad review. You know who I'm talking about. It's refreshing to read your reviews on both music and equipment knowing I'm getting an honest opinion. And that integrity is exactly why you have such a following Mike, to compromise that would put this online rag in the do not read list with all those other magazines that I no longer read. And I know I'm not alone here, that's why everyone here is a fan of your work! And personally I just don't have time for people who can't take constructive criticism, or those who think that money can smooth everything over. Personally, if Michael Fremer had an objection to my work, I'd listen! And bottom line, no one likes a poor sport. Thank you Michael for one of the last places for honest reviewing! And I mean it.

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