Wrong Kata Trio’s Vinyl-Only Release  Come Morning

The Wichita and Lawrence, Kansas-based Wrong Kata Trio has been playing together since 2010, though the three have been performing in the area for fifteen years.

According to guitarist and violinist UJ Pesonen, at Kansas City’s Czar Bar before a friendly crowd the band asked the audience how many would buy their upcoming album on vinyl. “Astonishingly”, he wrote me, “almost everyone in the audience raised their hands.”

Not only did the group put the album out on vinyl, they made it the only physical format in which it can be purchased. Buyers do get a 24 bit digital download card (as well as the option for an MP3 download).

Lawrence, Kansas based drummer Brandon Graves is the Head Drumline Instructor at the University of Kansas and the Faculty Percussion Instructor at the Culture House in Olathe, Kansas. In addition to working a full time teaching schedule, Mr. Graves is a Yamaha Artist/Clinician, REMO clinician/educator, a member of the Vic Firth Educational Team and he plays in a number of other groups in addition to Wrong Kata Trio. Bassist Anthony Case and Mr. Pesonen have both recorded with other groups.

While the credits are for drums, bass, guitar and violin, someone’s playing Moog-like synth fills (produced, Mr. Pesonen says played real time by using either guitar or bass effects pedals) on some of the all-instrumental tracks that have more of a mathematical than emotional bent, though the math does produce memorably “groovy” moods and Mr. Pesonen does at times get funky. A good place to start is actually the first song on side two: “How the Robots”.

“Hypnotic head-bobbing music” would be a good way to describe the music, which is built upon ingenious, ever changing variations of repeated patterns. The focus, according to Mr. Pesonen “… has always been to pursue melodies, grooves, sounds, and textures that move us as deeply as possible and hopefully come across to the listener as big ‘audio hugs’ as Anthony has coined them”.

The recording is basic and honest, particularly the way in which the drums were miked and recorded center stage, plenty of room sound and microphone leakage. "Three musicians playing live in a room" is how it sounds.

The Wrong Kata Trio were not wrong in how they produced this vinyl record: Kevin Gray mastered it at Cohearent Audio and it was pressed in Salina, Kansas at QRP on 180g vinyl. With funds limited the recording wasn’t tracked to tape. It was ProTools and sent on DVD to Cohearent at 24 bit/44.1K resolution. Why they couldn’t do 88.2K I don’t know, but the bottom line is that it’s well-recorded, mastered and pressed.

So don’t let the sampling rate be a “deal-breaker”. You can listen to some of the album on the embedded YouTube clip and from there access more of the album. Be assured that the vinyl sounds far better than the YouTube audio! Limited to 500 copies and for now only available through Discogs

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I Spotified one of their albums that was available and really enjoyed it. The Wrong Kata Trio has a nice lose approach - sorta jazz, sorta, fusion, sorta rock. Tried to find the latest release 'Come Morning' on Discogs - that is one confusing site. I guess you don't get a way to add an item to the cart if there's non e available. It's listed but I don't see a way to add to my cart. Anybody? Maybe the 500 copy run that was released in Nov. 2014 is sold out. Chad pressed it at QRP - I was hoping I could find it there.

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It's available in the Marketplace--sort of like Ebay. If there are any available you will see them under "Marketplace" on the top-right corner with a big blue button underneath that says "Buy Vinyl and CDs". Clicking on that will take you to a list of all available by different marketplace sellers. Look at the details where shipping charges will be specified. I think it will be obvious from there on...

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Hello audof001, We experienced a sudden influx of orders just after the review hit, so it may have been briefly out-of-stock. There are copies still available exclusively via our Discogs Marketplace site by clicking here.

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Thanks, I ordered one from you. Glad to see a link. Hopefully a lot of people will pick up this vinyl and support this interesting trio.

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Hey audiof001

I could not find it on Amazon or ebay but found it on discogs by Barnyard orbit as the seller. I had to register but did place an order. It showed 3 listed on the site and was not priced as a boutique item but was an affordable twenty buck album and five to ship it.

Will be interesting to spin and hope you score one.

Peace out, steelhead

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We have plenty of copies of WKT's "Come Morning" still available here exclusively via our shop on the Discogs Marketplace. Barnyard Orbit stocks 18,000+ vinyl records and there are over 1 million available marketplace-wide. A true vinyl-lover's dream! Please drop in and secure your copy of this limited WKT release before it's gone.

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FYI" The subject line is 'This article is such a nice...'

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Got rid of it. You have no idea how much spam arrives daily, usually on older posts where they don't think it will be caught. Favorites are the "Sunken Condos" story and old CES show reports...
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Shipped out discs to many of you today and a bunch more are set to go out tomorrow. Hope to see some feedback posted here once they're in your hands and get some spins. More copies arrived from the band today, so there are still plenty for sale here. We've been enjoying our copy for several months now and are thrilled to be a part of bringing it to you all. One thing's for certain... on vinyl this trio's material really reaches out and grabs ya!

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Glad to know that there are still vinyls nowadays. It's rare to see an artist release through vinyls.

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