Yardbirds Live Set From 1964 Discovered

One of the problems with 180g LPs is that they're usually expensive, so when something interesting, but minor gets released, like this recently discovered tape, buyers hesitate. Fortunately, Sundazed keeps their prices down to around CD level and below, so this previously undocumented live performance by the “classic” lineup, recorded sometime in July of 1964 becomes a feasible addition to one's Yardbirds/Clapton archives.

Recorded not long after Five Live Yardbirds (Columbia/EMI 33SX1677 UK), the band's only other live record, which was issue in 1964, this short set (around _ hour in total) features a similar set list, including “Too Much Monkey Business,” “I Got Love if You Want It,” “Smokestack Lightning,” “Good Morning Little School Girl,” and “Respectable.”

The sound is remarkably good-you'll be surprised-with an especially clean top end and deep bottom, plus outstanding transparency. It's mono, so it's like you'll listening through an open door, but believe me, you won't complain at all about the sound, which definitely has that “transportable” quality as if you're taking a time machine ride, even though some instruments appear to be hollowed out and placed way back on the stage.

For hardcore Yardbirds fans, lovers of the blues, and especially Clapto-fanatics, who will hear the clear, unprocessed truth about their hero's guitar playing back then. No surprises: Eric's awesome and so is everyone else- sort of like The Rolling Stones minus the desire for commercial success.

A trifle, but priced right for Yardbirds and Clapton fans. Includes a nice gatefold sleeve.

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While doing a little back readin' of your old post I came across this review. Haveing just picked up this lp this last summer when I was on a big Yardbirds kick,I was pleased to find your take on this album. Rereading your old posts is a great reminder how much fantastic music you have opened my mind to. Albums and artists that I might not of heard or given any thought to, I have given a chance, do to your reviews and 99% of the time I have been very happy that I did. Doubt that you'll see these comments being back so far, but keep up the good work and thanks alot!

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