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Grand scale examinations of the human condition tend to be preachy, didactic and obvious. The more interesting observations tend to be small scale and personal—in other words, how individuals deal with human foibles and circumstances beyond individual control generally are more compelling and interesting.

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On October 16th, 2015 Riverboat Record will release on CD The Attic Tapes a "vintage" collection of John Reborn recordings made two or three years before his Transatlantic Records debut. The double gatefold edition with exclusive tracks will be released early in 2016.

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Pure Vinyl™ and Pure Music® developer Channel D recently announced an update to its Seta Piccola phono preamplifier. The new Mk2 features a series of component improvements aimed it further improving its moving coil cartridge performance.

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Walker Audio, best known for its Proscenium air bearing turntable and air bearing tangential tracking tone arm recently announced the new Procession turntable featuring a pivoted arm.

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Analog Spark is a recent addition to the many companies now reissuing vinyl.

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The story that has been handed down through the decades goes like this: Simon and Garfunkel’s vinyl LPs were originally produced using master tapes. Because S&G became so popular, over time the tapes would show signs of wear, so Columbia engineers would make a copy, toss the original, and begin cutting lacquers using the copy.

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Today's analogplanet radio show may be the best yet in music programming terms.
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Let's not drag this out. Here are the file identities:

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I’ll tell you how I got into medieval era dance music similar to what’s on this record and on la Spagna: back in 1969 when I worked in the downstairs record store division of Minuteman in Harvard Square, a salesman named Duane who worked upstairs selling audio gear I could not at the time afford, insisted I buy a record on Deutsche Grammophone’s Archive Production label.

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Thanks to an reader I got a copy to review of the two LP deluxe edition of Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones Records 376-484-4).