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Capitol/UMe Records recently announced an 8 LP "The Band" The Capitol Albums !968-1977".The good news here is that the 9 LP box set containing 8 albums (Rock of Ages is a double LP) was pressed at QRP, on 180g vinyl, features "faithfully replicated album art and packaging" costs $150.00

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Taylor Swift’s 1989 released in October of 2014, sold 1.27 million albums in its first week and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. By the end of the year it had sold 3,660,000 copies, remaining at the top of the chart for most of that time.

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If you want to hear the Thai radio show I was on, you can hear it here:

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The Living Voice is a no-holds barred system developed by U.K. designer and retailer Kevin Scott.

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I was hosted in Thailand by Chaiwat Jongpatanagitruang (on the right) and his brother Piyanas Jongpatanagitruang (on left). I was a guest on their half-hour Saturday night radio show. The weekly show is about audio.
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Day one was reasonably well-attended with mostly what appeared to be "high rollers"—either retired or taking a day off to visit the show.

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Wednesday was set-up day so I walked the halls and entered the rooms to shoot some video.

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This really is an analog planet!

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Anyone who thinks I am somehow at the heart of the vinyl revival is truly mistaken!

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From left to right, Larry Boden, mastering engineer; Brian Roth, Acoustic Sounds electronics technician; Bill Schnee, producer and recording engineer; Tom Pessagno, chief engineer; Chad Kassem, CEO Acoustic Sounds; Ed Hukoveh, design engineer

[New Video Just Added] We just received this press release from Chad Kassem at Acoustic Sounds and will have more on this later: