Michael Fremer  |  Mar 25, 2020  |  12 comments
Last year (April 8th 2019) while visiting contributing editor Malachi Lui in Portland, we paid a visit to Cascade Record Pressing in nearly Milwaukie, Oregon. For one reason or another the tour video never posted, until now.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 25, 2020  |  7 comments
These two releases, one culled from a 2006 Rhino Tony Joe White compilation and the other a new one from APO (an Analogue Productions label) are naturals for a linked review.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 21, 2020  |  8 comments
This July will mark my 25th anniversary at Stereophile and my 300th Analog Corner column. Whew! Over the years readers (and viewers) from all over the world have come up to me and requested more "selfies" than I ever imagined anyone might want from an audio reviewer.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 21, 2020  |  First Published: Jul 01, 2005  |  0 comments
Car stereo as high-performance audio goodwill ambassador got another boost recently, when Audi announced a partnership with Bang and Olufsen to develop a new, high-performance sound system for Audi’s luxury A8 model. The Lexus–Mark Levinson trip I took recently and wrote about in the May “Analog Corner” paid another kind of dividend: a writeup in Motor Trend that included a sidebar about the sound, quoting my assessment of the Levinson system and mentioning Stereophile.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 20, 2020  |  14 comments
This is the final installment of Ken Micallef's interview with me. He's a really great editor. Impeccable timing. Makes sense. He's a drummer. Plus I was on fire.
Michael Fremer  |  Mar 20, 2020  |  10 comments
Not sure what's more amazing: how many recordings Alfred Lion produced for Blue Note, or how many great ones have remained in the vaults. Over the past few years, numerous unreleased Blue Notes have finally been released and none are sub-par "leftovers".

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 19, 2020  |  4 comments
What better time than now for the all-analog resurrection of this Chesky classic? Easter is three weeks away (though “Oh Great Mystery” is really about Christmas) and home lock down in a dreary time is here now.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 19, 2020  |  0 comments
I think this video wraps up Ken Micallef's interview with me. It covers more jazz LP favorites, Rudy Van Gelder's legacy and plugs my turntable set-up DVD. It includes anecdotes, humorous asides, etc.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 17, 2020  |  15 comments
I didn’t know who Mandy Moore was when the press blurb arrived in my inbox. Incredible Boomer ignorance. What my eyes latched onto was the blurb’s “laid down to tape” line. A web search quickly informed my Boomer/pop culture cluelessness! I should be embarrassed, but I don’t embarrass easily.
Michael Fremer  |  Mar 17, 2020  |  25 comments
Electric Recording Company announced today the forthcoming "true mono" reissue of Thelonious Monk's Brilliant Corners featuring Sonny Rollins due some time in April. ERC's costly limited edition releases usually quickly sell out. This one's still available but for how long?