Michael Fremer

Michael Fremer  |  May 22, 2013  |  1 comments
The Primary Control is a stylish tone arm featuring a wooden arm tube and head shell. The bearing system is unique.
Michael Fremer  |  May 21, 2013  |  3 comments
Here is the second part of our Munich High End 2013 GoPro coverage.
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  3 comments
The compact, Swiss-made Thales TTT turntable exudes a subtle, soothing beauty and refinement. The Simplicity tangential pivoted tonearm complements the 'table's "refined to the essentials" design and together they create a vinyl playback system that seems destined to produce great sound, though I really didn't get a chance to listen
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  2 comments
I found Mr. Daniel Schuch exhibiting his girder-like tone arm on the floor of one of the big main halls. As a group of fascinated Japanese audiophiles looked on, Schuch demonstrated the workings of his pivoted tangential-tracking tonearm, which he modestly characterizes as "The perfect pick-up arm."
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  4 comments
Music Hall's new top of the line MMF 11.1 turntable incorporates some familiar design features.
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  0 comments
The Hartvig TT Signature turntable features a 30 pound platter of aluminum and acrylic and a hardened steel bearing shaft with an aluminum base, plus a precision honed bronze bushing with a ceramic ball and Teflon thrust pad.
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  4 comments
While in the U.K. last week I took a run in the famous Kensington Gardens with the GoPro on my head.
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  13 comments
The Da Vinci Audio AAS Gabriel MK2 Reference Turntable is a thing of beauty to be sure. It is obviously a mass-loaded design and the build quality appears extremely high with a commensurate price tag of around $50,000.
Michael Fremer  |  May 19, 2013  |  1 comments
Named for a mythical Nordic eight legged horse whose name means "smooth" or "gliding", the Sleipner Reference looks and feels as smooth as its true air bearing, belt driven 20 pound aluminum platter floats and its air "bearing" arm slides.

Michael Fremer  |  May 13, 2013  |  7 comments
New tone arms on display at Munich's High End 2013 point towards a renewed interest in their design and execution, especially among German enthusiasts.