Polish Progressive Rock Band INDUKTI's Debut Gets Double 180 Vinyl Release

Not being heavily steeped in progressive rock, I can't say in what esteem the Polish group INDUKTI is held but thanks to the persistence of one young man, Robert Guilarte-Mantellini and his Sunspot Record label (not to be confused by the Washington, D.C. Reggae label of the same name that shuttered in 1994), the band's debut album S.U.S.A.R. ((Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions) has gotten a double 180g vinyl release.

Though the group was founded in 1994 it's debut was issued a decade later, with this vinyl release coming in 2013 almost another decade later. The record's inspiration was Fritz Lang's silent movie classic "Metropolis"

While the group is mostly instrumental, there are some vocals that are sung in accent-free English, which helps for domestic consumption though the lyrics are the usual bleak fare: "Black weeds cover dreamy plains/Lost my aim, lost it all" (etc.) that well-compliments the forbidding minor chord musical terrain.

The wiry, blocky, hard rock guitar parts are well stitched together by Ewa Jablonaka's aggressively pleasing electric violin overlay. That plus the chording give many of the tracks a hard-driving Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Metallica, meets Tool feel. Most if not all of the tracks are based on aggressive, pulsating two chord riffs propelled by Wawrzyniec Dramowicz's deeply grooved drumming.

Even though there's not much musical variation in terms of structure, chording, rhythms and the like, the groove these guys and gal lay down is damn addicting. Harpist Anna Faber adds some mystery and her denouement calms things down to end side four. A "hidden" bonus track on the CD gets a locked groove treatment here as the second song on side one. To hear it you have to lift the stylus and lower it past the lock out.

The recording is good but not in the same league as Volto!'s analog production and I'm not sure what the source was used by Stan Ricker to cut lacquers. It might very well have been a CD. However, the vinyl producer has gone all out to make this sound and look as good as possible: with Ricker cutting half-speed, plating and pressing at RTI and "Tip on" Stoughton jacket.

Limited to 500 vinyl copies.

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Mr. Fremer, I would like to thank you for such a clear description of what to expect on this record. What a treat! Of course it's always nice to hear about the band's history, the travails of mastering the record, etc etc but in the end having a decent idea of what to expect from the record is a Great Thing!


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I loved this review! The Volto review as well. I haven't heard of either these bands so thanks for the heads up.

I'm so glad they decided to press at RTI. I'm starting to find myself shying away from tightly shrink wrapped vinyl, whenever I'm at the record shop. Although I've received a few duds, I'm generally pretty happy with RTI, Pallas and some of the other high end plants.

On that note, does anyone know of any compilations that may exist for titles pressed by Pallas, RTI (or other high end plants)? I've googled for such lists, but haven't found anything yet. I usually look for the loose bags sticking up from the stacks at the shop. I like supporting quality manufacturers and products and I'm more than happy to buy an excellently pressed slab of vinyl, even if it's a band that I'm new to.

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...is not a winner in this game.

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Love this album, I never knew was issued on vinyl last year..will have to go hunting for it!!!
Man how did I miss this one??

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I've been a fan of this band since the original release of the CD in 2004. Their follow up in 2009, IDMEN, is equally as good as the debut.

Great to read a review of the band in an audio mag.

I had the pleasure of seeing INDUKTI play live at the annual 4 day progressive music festival, Baja Prog, in Mexicali back in 2007. Of course they killed it!

Now, if only the rest of the very diverse, current progressive bands from all over the world would get a bit if press.

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I own both of these LP releases and I do think a comparison can be made. Where I differ from Mr. Fremer is that I feel that the Indukti LP is as good. When it comes to rating music, that is of course a subjective measure. I like both bands and you can't lose buying either of these LPs.
I'm keeping my eye on Sunspot Records and hope to see other releases from this label.