"Dameronia With Strings" Ferit Odman's Tadd Dameron Tribute Will Wow You

“Too expensive to record to analog tape” we often hear from major label representatives, from producers and from artists. And there are those who don’t think the sonics are better or as good as ProTools.

So here comes veteran Turkish drummer Ferit Odman with a self-produced album dedicated to bop-era arranger, composer, performer Tadd Dameron featuring, in addition to a trio of excellent musicians, a string section, all recorded to 2” analog tape, mixed to analog tape, mastered from tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound and pressed at Pallas.

In the gatefold liner noted Odman writes that project’s inspiration was Smooth as the Wind a 1961 Riverside release by trumpeter Blue Mitchell featuring seven Dameron arrangements including the title tune, and three from Benny Golson. Others on the album include Clark Terry, Tommy Flanagan, and of course an un-credited string section, though the Concertmaster, Harry Lookofsky is credited. His son Michael Brown wrote “Walk Away Renée”, which Lookofsky co-produced.

But back to the subject at hand, this superbly recorded and played Dameron tribute, featuring Terrell Stafford on trumpet, Danny Grisett on piano, Peter Washington on bass and Odman on drums.

Stafford, who has played with McCoy Tyner, Christian McBride and many others and has an extensive recording career as leader and sideman, is Director of Jazz Studies at the Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University.

Danny Grisett, like Stafford, was originally trained as a classical musician. He was a member of Nicholas Payton’s band and now is a regular with trumpeter Tom Harrell. He too has an extensive recording career as both a leader and sideman.

Peter Washinton also began as a classical musician. He was a member of the Jazz Messengers, has worked with the late Tommy Flanagan and with Bill Charlap and he too has an extensive recording career.

As for Mr. Odman, first of all, who knew Turkey has a vital jazz scene? Maybe you did, but not I. Thirty two year old Odman, based in Istanbul, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study music down the road from me at William Paterson University (he has a Masters Degree in music) and he too has an extensive performing and recording career—he’s appeared on more than two dozen albums and has three as leader including this one.

He’s obviously also “one of us” when it comes to recorded sound, as you’ll quickly notice when you hear this record recorded in Brooklyn at The Bunker Studio August 14th and 15th with a lush string section arranged and conducted by David O’Rourke.

Unlike the album that inspired this one, the six member string section gets back cover credit.

Though he’s the star of the show he doesn’t hog the spotlight. On one tune though, “Look, Stop and Listen” he does take a solo just as “Philly” Joe Jones did on The Magic Touch (Riverside 1962). Dameron gave Jones the nickname “Philly”. What a group of musicians played on that album!

This is an album of elegant, melodic tunes filled with great beauty that will make you feel good from the first note of “On a Misty Night” to the second side ender, after which you will wish there was more. Anchored by Odman’s smooth, subtle drumming the album also swings dynamically with rhythmic propulsion.

As for the sound, it’s all-analog so what do you think? But why have to put up with my descriptors? Listen to the opening tune and judge for yourself, but believe me, the “live playback” beats the YouTube version, good as it is!

Currently out of stock on Amazon.com but ironically available on CDbaby and if you bitch about the price, I should ban you from this site!

NOTE: This record is now distributed in America by Elusive Disc.

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It's now out of stock on cdbaby. Wow, only $39.99!

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Your tonearm seems to like the music... it's certainly swingin'! :-)

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considering YouTube SQ this must be really well recorded, now to find a copy!

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Has a pre-order listing which says shipping in March

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“Too expensive to record to analog tape” ...
Well, no I guess nothing is too expensive to record, when you can pass along the costs to the retail customer... Not a complaint Mikey, just an observation. :-)

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How about a Music Hall Ikura?

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Put my copy on the turntable and I was stunned by the technical quality of this vinyl. So quiet I can hear the tape hiss, and not a pop to be heard. The Jazz is phenomenal and I am happy to discover both the musician and the composer. I bought the two other titles of Odman, one on viny and the first on cd (the only available medium). Will be interesting to comparing Odman's debut on cd, Nommo, to the second album (Autumn in New York, likely digitally recorded) to this all analog production..

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Please see inside to the Bunker Studio too. All vintage analog gear...http://www.thebunkerstudio.com/

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FWIW, I would likely purchase a 15 or 30 ips, 1/4" or 1/2"-inch, IEC, half-track copy, if it were available -- especially, if Mikey likes it. What do you say? :-)


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Elusive disc says awaiting repress, and "limited to 1000 copies". Is it safe to say that the latter was just tossed out, due to the Fremer review kick? As in "whoa, fish those stampers out of the dumpster--Mikey likes it!"

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that my record was cut from probably came out of a dumpster because it came all scratched up and doesn't sound like the 10/10 rating that Fremer gave it. This is actually the second record I got from the Elusive Disc. The first one was even worse. I had them open and inspect the second one before they sent it and I still got crap.

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Incredible. From the reputed best, and one of the most expensive, record plants in the world. I'm going to pass.

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the off centered spindle hole in both of my records. If you look closely at Fremer's video you can see his tonearm swaying back and forth. He's got one too.

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When buying expensive vinyl, it is always an item I consider if it comes with a high bit rate download as this allows me to listen in other situations. If you could let us know, that would be great...and consider it as part of your reviews...I know this is an AAA review but knowing that a digital version is part of the purchase makes my decision to buy something easier. But MP3 quality does not quality as a download to me anymore!

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I agree re apparently off center spindle...the video also suggests that the pressing may be a bit warped as well...while I own several great sounding records that are pressed a bit off center and/or are slightly warped it is very disappointing in a supposedly premium pressing at a premium price.