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"Mr. Ho" otherwise known as Brian O'Neill has a passion for "exotica" but it would be wrong to call him a trader in nostalgia. Yes, he's clearly a fan of Les Baxter, Martin Denny and especially of the Mexican arranger extraordinaire Esquivel. While I bet he'd be comfortable downing a Mai Tai or two at Trader Vic's, Mr. O'Neill is a thoroughly modern multi-instrumentalist.

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The BBC did not preserve the master tapes of any of The Beatles BBC appearances. The tape was considered more valuable than the performances recorded therein. That's not exactly a secret. The audio used for the original edition of this set first issued in 1994 came from BBC Transcription Service vinyl, tape copies and radio broadcast tapes provided by fans.

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(photo by Christopher Vetur, who is forgiven for the fingers on the grooves)

A record label, a record store, a high end headphone manufacturer a college radio station and a well-respected mastering engineer team up with recording artists to present an event touting high quality sound from vinyl records.

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Comments following the review of the mono reissues of the American version of Are You Experienced? and Axis: Bold As Love indicated some dissatisfaction with the reissue of the U.K. version of the album, also mastered by Bernie Grundman.

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New York City based Masterdisk has come up with a unique Valentine's Day gift.

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During the late 1940s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s American jazz musicians and groups toured Europe and the world, usually to greater appreciation and acclaim than they received back home. Sad but true. Some moved overseas where they were treated with greater respect than they received at home but that’s another story.

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Rabbi Fremer says: The Peter, Paul & Mary file comparison story has created quite an uproar. Most of you took it for what it was—an informal but reasonable comparison of two unidentified files that could have been the same or different. 79% of you thought they were different files. 21% though they were the same file posted twice.

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Even if you are an infrequent TV viewer, chances are you've seen the Dell commercial that uses as a music bed a cover of the great Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman song "This Magic Moment" originally performed by Ben E. King and The Drifters and later covered by Jay and The Americans among others. The only ads running more frequently are the ones that say "your erectile dysfunction is a matter of blood flow".
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Just as moving downhill is easier than going up, scaling down an expensive design is far easier than building upon a modest one.Yet Pro-Ject, which began in1990 with a homely, grey/black Soviet-era Czech Republic-made “people’s ‘table”, has managed quite well to both upgrade its budget offerings and to produce mid-priced ‘tables of distinction.
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Thousands have read the story and more than one hundred of you have voted. No doubt had the story run longer, more would have participated but there's no need to continue because the results already speak for themselves and in fact did so early on.