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Friday, November 22nd was set-up day at the world's largest record fair. For a premium, organizers did let consumers in early so even as the booths were being set up and stocked, buyers made the rounds in the usual mad frenzied way.

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I know I keep repeating these LP/CD comparisons done by youngsters, but they're so much fun. Here's another.

My friend's son is in a band, and they'd cut some tunes that they wanted to hear back on my system. They brought the CD-R over, and, of course, they'd never heard their music sound so good—actually, the recording was quite accomplished. One of the kids looked around dumbfounded at my records and turntables and said, "Why would you have all of these?"

I told him they sounded better. "What do you like?" I asked.

"How about Green Day's Insomniac?" he replied.

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Coverage of Manila turntable set-up seminar
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Did you win that Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge in our recent cartridge comparison sweepstakes? Or maybe you won the Grado Prestige Gold 1?

No you didn't. These guys did.

Dennis H. of Allen, Texas (left) has been a fan of AnalogPlanet since its inception, and before that, he read Mikey's MusicAngle. His college-bound sound-loving son recently announced his revelation that vinyl sounds better than CDs. Dennis will give his son the AT95E.

Jeffrey G., affectionately known by the username Glotz, won the Grado cartridge. Here's a picture of the cartridge waiting to be installed on his VPI HW-19. Classic setup!

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“I don’t object to people inheriting or having a big lot of money I never did but I do object to people being stony broke and starving”.—John Lennon
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The vinyl record should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't you think?
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ORG recently announced three new double 45s mastered by Bernie Grundman from original analogue master tapes.
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I don't know what "defo" is, but judging by this record, life after it is achingly melancholic. Actually after writing that I did web search and learned that "defo" means something like "certainty". So who can argue that life after certainty would leave you anything but melancholic or worse?

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Got pets that shed? You probably have at least one of those pet hair removing rollers with the split replaceable sticky roller. Roll it over your clothing and it picks up the hair. When its covered with hair and/or lost its stickiness, you peel off a layer and throw it way, using the fresh layer underneath to continue hair-removal.