CES 2017

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Michael Fremer  |  Jan 09, 2017  |  22 comments
Pro-Ject had two rooms at CES 2017. One included a few prototypes and special "one-off" designs, including one for the band Wilco and one for Best Buy/Magnolia currently available, produced for Ron Howard's Beatles film.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 07, 2017  |  First Published: Jan 08, 2017  |  5 comments
First shown at CES 2016, the HRS VXR rack system is now in production and available for purchase. These are ultra-rigid, super-adjustable modular stands that are also very expensive.
Michael Fremer  |  Jan 07, 2017  |  27 comments
Mobile Fidelity, best known for its superb vinyl reissues is close to releasing two made in America turntables and a phono preamplifier.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 06, 2017  |  17 comments
At CES 2017 Technics introduced a new SL-1200GR direct drive turntable priced at approximately half of the $4000 cost of the Sl-1200G introduced at CES 2016. It's expected to appear in stores over the coming summer

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 05, 2017  |  First Published: Jan 06, 2017  |  4 comments
Japan-based DS Audio introduced at CES 2017 its latest optical cartridge design, the DS002 at an attractive $5000 price point. The DS002 places the optical sensor in front of the elastomer suspension, which should produce faster response analogous to Audio-Technica's ART1000 cartridge that puts the coils on top of the stylus (not that there's really an comparison to be made between a coil and magnet based generator and one that uses an LED and optical shutter to generate a voltage).

 |  Jan 03, 2017  |  6 comments
The photo here is from C.E.S. 2005. C.E.S. 2017 coverage begins Thursday, January 6th. Editor Michael Fremer has been attending The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas since 1978, making this his 39th consecutive C.E.S.