C.E.S. 2017 Coverage Begins Thursday, January 6th

The photo here is from C.E.S. 2005. C.E.S. 2017 coverage begins Thursday, January 6th. Editor Michael Fremer has been attending The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas since 1978, making this his 39th consecutive C.E.S.

BTW: I'll be flying home on the Sunday evening "red-eye" arriving Monday at 6:30 AM so I can do a live AnalogPlanet radio show at noon Monday. I have a special show planned that couldn't wait a week, so I hope you'll listen!

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Wow. What was the coolest year and what was the worst year?

Michael Fremer's picture
Maybe I'll deal with some of that in the coverage.....
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Coolest would apply to anything you deem so.

Worst, not sure if anyone deserves such a moniker, but I love controversy!

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The Mariah Carey special no doubt!

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No big deal. Look forward to the coverage.

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This year may be the best year yet! MQA on tidal was just released today. The desktop tidal app software decodes MQA and is scary good. I wonder what Mike thinks of this? If CD's sounded this good when Mike first heard it in the early 80's he might have been a digital convert! Scary!