Uberlight Flex LED Task Light Is Up to the Task!

A reader who manufacturers this Reliable Corporation Uberlight™ Flex Task Light sent a few for me to check out. One night he took one home and placed it next to his turntable. He found, among other things, that it let him easily read the inner groove area information on his records and thought that perhaps I'd also find it useful.

He sent two because one was a clamp type and the other has a base. These LED lights feature nine total light settings, allowing you to adjust both brightness (2W, 4W and 6W) and color temperature (2700 degrees Kelvin "Warm White", 4000K "Natural White" and 6000K "Easily See the RL on Led Zeppelin II"). Do not confuse these watts with incandescent watts. 6W LED is bright (up to 600 lumens)! The light's CRI value of 80+ makes its color rendering accurate.

Even better, the three feet+ long silicone neck is completely flexible and can hold virtually any shape into which you twist it, plus the head rotates 270 degrees. LED lifespan is approximately 60,000 hours, meaning you'll go through dozens of cartridges first.

The clamp and hole mount versions weigh but a few pounds. The base mount version is of course considerably heavier allowing the same position flexibility while remaining stable. At this link on the company's website you can see the lamp's flexibility and powerful illumination ability as it aids a BLM militant using toy soldiers to plan an attack on Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson's home.

Best of all is the price of these USB powered lights: $49 for the hole and clamp mount models and $79 for the heavier base model. And for many of you shipping is free. This is a task light well up to the analog set-up and playback task!

Reliable Corporation

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I want this thing NOW! Doin it.

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OHhhhh my Gosh that is hilarious!!!

I am NO RO JO HO !!!

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Clamp version. No tax and free shipping! Wooo!

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Three different intensity levels, 3 color variants/temps and it is very strong and quite UBER.

Very professionally done.

Please take heed in the manual and don't bend by the lamp head.

The neck is super strong and stiff, but flexible. The head-to-stem weight ratio will not be advantageous for bending the unit at the head.

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...and an ironing board too.

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That looks like something I would like to use instead of my current lamp. The price seems very reasonable. However, it seems to be available in only the US and Canada, shipping to Europe seems possible, but at 162 USD shipping fare that will be a pass from me. Pitty.

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I was EXTRAORDINARILY offended by the sick joke in this post:
'....you can see the lamp's flexibility and powerful illumination ability as it aids a BLM militant using toy soldiers to plan an attack on Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson's home.' I suggest Mr. Fremer explain where he is coming from with this statement as many would perceive it to be a slander of a group that has by and large worked for social justice in this country. Mr. Fremer should keep to topics he has some competency in and leave such political issues to those who are striving by and large to help improve our countries divisions (unless he can justify his own contributions to this matter). I challenge Mr. Fremer to retract this sick insensitive joke from the piece and/or apologize for his ignorance.

firedog's picture

He was making a joke about the picture on the company website and satirizing the Senator's comments about BLM, not making fun of BLM.

Maybe ask yourself where your ultra-sensitivity and knee jerk reactions come from.

wscales's picture

Perhaps you should ask yourself if you are sufficiently culturally incompetent to not understand the alternative perspective due to different life experiences.

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You seem to be the only one offended so maybe you should just fuck right off and finding something better to do.

No one cares that you're offended or how you feel. Focus on your career, family and things that really matter but I doubt you have anything much going on.

Once again. Just fuck off.

wscales's picture

Many would think that having to use profanity in an open forum indicates reduced intellectual capacity :-)

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Lighten up Francis

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Call him Psycho!

I love how cranked up this guy is... You can clearly tell when Republifucks are surrounded by liberals... they panic!

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I strongly support BLM. This was a satirical slam at the new Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin.
wscales's picture

Mr. Fremer, thanks for your clarification. I have followed your career in audio for 30 years and respect your contributions. However, I urge you to be aware that one person's sattire can be offensive to another since we all come from different backgrounds and life experiences. I do realize I am most likely outside the typical demographic of followers of your website and have a somewhat differently nuanced perspective. I do again thank you for the clarifications. You are priviledged to have a powerful platform/podium that can be used to educate if used properly.

Michael Fremer's picture
This is true. However, sometimes it's worth the risks. I felt this was such a case. Occasionally it can get you tossed from a good radio gig. That happened to me twice.
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You're offensive to ME. We can think whatever we want. Maybe Fremer doesn't want to use his platform to "educate if used properly". Who defines properly? You? The Biden administration? BLM? Give me a break, man. Do us all a favor and fuck off to China with your commie bullshit.

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Maybe nobody else here will say it, but I will: not everybody has to support BLM in order to support black people. Not to get overly political, but since you brought it up, I can say with pride (not white pride, American pride) that I don't support BLM at all. I support all peoples and their respective plights, but I don't believe BLM is a worthwhile organization. It is quite obviously a Marxist organization, as per their own founders (on video and formerly listed on their website -- don't listen to "Snopes" & Co. run cover for them). I don't know about you all, but I'm not on board with that. I think conflating black rights and thinly veiled Marxism is a terrible trick on not just blacks, but all Americans. It's a perilous mistake for which we're now paying with our freedoms.

A lot of companies and individuals of note have inadvertently, or through pressure, supported a radical left transformation of our society simply by kowtowing to BLM and everything the guilt-mongers out there say we should repent over. Say what you will about the Capitol Riot (I don't support any riot) but the BLM Riots (yes, RIOTS!) were responsible for months and months of insurrection including arson, violence, theft, even murder. The folks at CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT and others should have to answer for normalizing it.

If you support BLM then you support their entire message and ideology, as far as I'm concerned. And if you don't think so, then you should seriously do some research. No, like RIGHT NOW.

I am all for civil rights and human rights, but not at the expense of our democracy, which is what I'm afraid has now happened. BLM & corporate America are complicit in that. By my math, there is only one political party/ideology using violence, cancel culture, and revisionism to squash any opposing thought or viewpoint. The order of the day has become to blame capitalism and law & order and anything white for the ills of our society, but to have our institutions--as far ranging as big tech to Hollywood to Nickelodeon to your kids' schools--normalize what's going on so people think this is centrism, freedom, democracy.

Folks, this isn't any of those things; this is encroaching socialism. What do you think it looks like? Do you think you just wake up one day with the ghost of Karl Marx in your living room? This is how it happens.

I don't ask that anybody agree with me, but I can say FOR A FACT that I'm not the only one here who feels this way. It doesn't make me racist at all or an "Uncle Tom", and here's the big reveal: I'm black.

I really hope this message doesn't get deleted, because that would only be confirming everything I've said; people are scared to allow for dissenting opinion nowadays, because those on a power trip have found a way to roll us on every topic by tying it to race, climate or COVID. Really sad times.

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I believe Mr. Fremer was actually making a joke at the expense of senator Ron Johnson, not BLM.

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So are all African Americans BLM militiants? This is the implication of Mr. Fremer's statement and it could easily be perceived as racist. If you actually looked at the website, then there is one African American who I suppose Mr. Fremer stereotypes as a BLM activist? He also stereotypes all BLM activists as militants as well. Also, I'm curious of Mr. Fremer's definition/connotation of the word militant. All this is obviously ignorance, not an overreact. Mr. Fremer should stick to audio, not something such as social justice he obviously has no (demonstrated) competency in.

Jazz listener's picture

I watched the video and found it funny. It’s easy to find offence in things. For example, I find you offensive.

wscales's picture

Thanks. I hate to call anyone offensive. I try to be open minded to others opinions, background experiences and life stories. What's worse is to find someone insentive, small minded, inarticulate, and ignorant. You can take all that apply.

Bigmule1972's picture

Your social justice comments are "open minded"... thanks for the laugh !!!!

Michael Fremer's picture
And you will laugh at what I wrote instead of steaming
Glotz's picture

And YOU came off insensitive, small minded, inarticulate and ignorant.

You also misspelled 'Insentive.'

Learn how to take a joke. One line from a guy ain't going to burn your house down.

PeterPani's picture

his readers know that he has got genes of a comedian and tends sometimes to be political incorrect for a good joke. But from his political statements in his writing we know that he is the opposite of a racist.

Michael Fremer's picture
Aimed at the pernicious Senator Johnson.
TripleA's picture

Even if he wanted to make a joke about BLM, who cares? Is that not allowed? This is a free country. Despite the adopted, acceptable narrative, Black Lives Matter is not synonymous with black support. They're admitted Marxists. No thanks. I'll support black lives in my own way.

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Is that the TechDAS Air Force Zero in the pic and is it in for review? Exciting!

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I thought that is the tip of a nuclear warhead in Michael's basement

Michael Fremer's picture
And yes
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Knowing the quality of the other products sold by Reliable, this light will be no trinket or toy. Nicely done Robert!

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wscales..please search for another site to get your Overly PC Panties tied up in a knot over....

wscales's picture

I would urge you to find a new site if you are intransigent enough not to consider others perspectives or life experiences that may be different form yours (or the majority). If I comport myself in a respectful manner (which I have attempted to do), I have at least as much right to be on the site as you.

xtcfan80's picture

Indeed you do have the right. However, the AP experience for the rest of us would be enhanced if you just...went...away...That's PC isn't it?? thinking about the greater good?

wscales's picture

although the later part of your statement is opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. Need I elaborate further ?

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What tone arm are you obscuring from view?

volvic's picture

It is an updated Graham Phantom Elite, it mates with the table. A thing of beauty. Is the Caliburn about to be supplanted?

Michael Fremer's picture
Probably, but not by the AF Zero. That's way out of my financial capabilities
Michael Fremer's picture
It's obscured because it must be
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Not even going to guess. Feel free to DM me pictures HAHAHAHA!

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I like how one can adjust the brightness. Personally, I use an Ikea light by the turntable if needed, but I do not attempt to read the matrix. I wear glasses and still struggle to read it. I have very poor eyesight so I use an LED magnifying lamp I found on Amazon for around the same price (it has one setting - nice and bright) I like it a lot. I just carry the record over to it to read the matrix code (I put that info in my database so I don't have to read it but once. Besides I can't decipher the codes anywhere near as good or quick as Michael! I have to try to research them, which is a daunting task in itself).

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"No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously."

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...is there some way to turn up the brightness on this discussion?

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This is all well and good, but you never mention the quality of the sound.

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great product, love the ability to change the colour range and multiple brightness levels. Looks great too. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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Just ran across this article....its amazing as to how quickly something viable get derailed...rather pathetic....Wake up call lads...we are simply not that important...get it....now run along and play nice....

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The ad on the web site is definitely weird, and I personally agree with Mikey's appraisal of Ron Johnson (and comparison to fellow Wisconsonian Joe McCarthy). But maybe it's better to refrain from political commentary and confine our discussions--and indeed controversies--to what we all presumably have in common. There are Republican audiophiles, even analog lovers, and politics is just a distraction here. There are plenty of sites and blogs at which to hash out politics.

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