At C.E.S. 2017 Wireworld Introduces Budget Priced Speaker Cable

Audio cables are probably the most contentious component in a system's chain. There are those who insist they cannot produce sonic differences once you account for the basics: resistance, inductance, capacitance, and of course the outer sheath color.

Wireworld's David Salz showed me two budget priced speaker 16 gauge speaker cables originally designed for internal use within loudspeakers. He told me they sounded so good he decided to give them an "out of the box" experience so they are now available as standard speaker cables, priced at either $2.00 or $9.00 a foot depending on color (if irony is out of your grasp, please just calm down before responding).

azmoon's picture

Great to see stuff at these prices - especially if it sounds good!

skipgiles's picture

Hard to get an honest opinion on cables, yours would be greatly appreciated.

Brother John's picture

These cables are not designed as external amp to loudspeaker but Internal wiring of loudspeakers?

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