Diamonds Are A Guy's Best Friend: Transfiguration Proteus With Diamond Cantilever at C.E.S. 2017

This edition of Transfiguration's explosive low output moving coil Proteus phono cartridge features a diamond, not boron cantilever.

I spotted it in the Genesis Audio room on the new limited edition Direct Drive edition of VPI's Avenger Turntable. The diamond cantilever ups the Proteus's price from $6000 to $10,000. Genesis Audio's Gary Koh told me it was the only diamond cantilevered Proteus in America and he wasn't sure if it was going to be available as a production item in the Transfiguration line.

So the cartridge, like the turntable may be in the "unobtanium" category. For most of us, the prices alone put both products in that category.

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... a diamond cantilever, instead of boron.
In the cost unlimited category, the Koetsu has/had some models available with a diamond cantilever. At about one-tenth the price, there's the Dynavector 17D3.
Can't decide between diamond and boron? Lyra makes some of its cartridges with a diamond-coated boron cantilever.

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Ask Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint. ;o)

I'd like to hear that Proteus. I wish I had my Dynavector 17D3 back--I traded "up" to a higher model, but found I liked the 17D3 better long-term. That rigidity really paid off in retrieving information out of the groove, and left no sonic signature (due to resonance) like others do.

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First, a thank you for your years of great reviews. Now,the Proteus diamond must be available in the USA because I have one. I am a dealer and got a shot at one of the first 5 that came into the country. Having just broken in a standard Proteus, which you ranked with "The best at any price" I must say the diamond (with only 55 hours on it) is not a subtle improvement. In fact the improvement is monumental. I have no where the experience you do at this, Ive had a Benz LPS MR, and an older Insider Wood Reference, but Ive not heard the Atlas or Goldfinger, but I know quality when I hear (or see) it. You should waste no time asking Bob Clark of Profundo for one to review. Mention me.

Howard Swayne
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