At C.E.S. 2017 A Mark Levinson Turntable

In 2017 most consumers know Mark Levinson as a car audio brand. Audiophiles know it as a luxury home audio brand and older audiophiles know Mark Levinson the man.

This new Mark Levinson turntable resulted from dealer demand for a high quality Levinson-branded turntable. Rather than start "from scratch" (bad phrase in turntable-world), Levinson partnered with VPI.

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... they should have hired John Curl to design a matching phono stage - something in between the Parasound JC-3 and the Constellation Perseus.

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The Phono stage of the ML-1 pre-amp was particularly good. I haven't heard one in over 20 years but I do wonder how an updated, stand alone version of this circuit would compare with the best of what is currently available.

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