At C.E.S. 2017 The New Keith Monks DiscoveryOne Vacuum-Based Record Cleaning Machine

Jon Monks, son of Keith Monks who's regarded by veteran vinyl lovers as the originator of vacuum-based record cleaning machines, shows us the new DiscoveryOne.

The new $2995 machine is visually reminiscent of the original professional model, though with a less robust vacuum arm and platter system. However, a look under the hood show ultra-high quality innards, not often seen in these machines.

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I got a great kick out of this video interviewing the man with the white coat, so old school English. I remember sometime in the late seventies when our local hifi dealer (who is still in business by the way) got a Keith Monks record cleaning machine. I do remember it was quite expensive to get an LP cleaned in those days. Everybody thought I was mad ''getting LPs cleaned, why would you want to pay to get LPs cleaned'' could you not do it yourself they asked.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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